Contact FE link appears not to work...

  mooly 08:50 01 Feb 2012

Tried to contact FE over this last posting,

And nothing I try gets the link to open.

  mooly 08:56 01 Feb 2012

Seems the W8 forum has been flooded with spam.

Would it be an idea for new members to have to have to make say 6 postings that had to be moderated first or is that unworkable on a forum such as this ?

  sharpamat 09:03 01 Feb 2012

I also noted this and sent mail to the FE and whilst as yet have recieved no answer I did get the screen stateing my mail had been fowarded.

Re your second post I feel that is a decision for the FE, personaly I feel it would restrict newbes looking for help

  birdface 09:32 01 Feb 2012

Send an email to our Forum Editor: Your name Your email Your Message: Captcha

PLEASE NOTE: Your name is used only to let the Forum Editor know who sent the message. Both your name and email address will not be used for any other purpose.

Something new when contacting the FE.That should put a few folk off.

Whatever happened to the direct e-mail link.

  birdface 09:39 01 Feb 2012

Like sharpamat I think this new idea of contacting the FE will stop members and newbies from contacting him.

Reporting spam will be a no no for me anyhow if I have to sign in to that every time.

Not sure if it is only temporary or not.Hope so.

  birdface 09:45 01 Feb 2012


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Contact Us.

Click on the FE and it opens your normal e-mail.

  sharpamat 10:08 01 Feb 2012

By this "personaly I feel it would restrict newbes looking for help " I actually ment that newbes ( if posts were restricted could feel restricted in joining . Not related to contacting the FE

  birdface 10:56 01 Feb 2012


Thanks for the reply.I obviously picked your answer up the wrong way.

  mooly 11:35 01 Feb 2012

Thanks Buteman... found it from your directions.

  sharpamat 14:23 02 Feb 2012

I see this has in fact been acted on by the FE with the related posts being removed

  mooly 18:08 02 Feb 2012

Yes, I noticed that too although the perpetrator still shows as the last person to post.

And also I just clciked the "contact FE" link and find that now opens a web based contact link... which is good.

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