pj123 21:38 15 Apr 2003

On reading ConsumerWatch in the PCA Magazine I always thought that this page/forum was for knocking or praising suppliers for their products/support?

Having just checked out ConsumerWatch on this forum I reckon at least 90 percent of the postings should come under the heading Helproom and not ConsumerWatch. Does anyone else agree, or am I being too picky?

  MAJ 21:57 15 Apr 2003

I'm ashamed to say, I very rarely read the Consumerwatch forum, pj123, but, as on all forums, "cross-contamination" always happens, 90% is a little high though. On other (lesser) forums the mods usually move the offending posts. I think our mods have more to do or maybe they don't have the capability to move threads. There's a job for someone, are you angling for the position, pj123? ;-)

  leo49 22:12 15 Apr 2003

Since you asked - Far too picky. So what if the odd newcomer gets confused and posts in the wrong place? Does it really matter?

  Goldcroft 22:19 15 Apr 2003

Strange. It's the other way in my experience. Consumerwatch topics posted in Helproom. Is it because of members like MAJ I wonder? You don't have to be a genius to compare the activity of both areas.

But Leo49 is right. Does it matter?

  pj123 22:27 15 Apr 2003

Well, it could matter. Like MAJ I don't very often look at ConsumerWatch and could conceivably miss a call for help. Maybe the Moderator or FE could redirect these postings?

  pj123 22:31 15 Apr 2003

Certainly not. Thats far too complicated for me. Its called "old age".

  leo49 22:48 15 Apr 2003

FE usually does move the threads when he notices them but I dare say he's rather preoccupied with the Star trial at the moment.

It's hardly life or death,though,is it? Not everything in life can be rigidly controlled, categorised and pigeonholed for convenience.If you lie awake at night fretting that somewhere a PC is in pain and suffering because you haven't seen the thread then you perhaps you take the Forum far too seriously. :o)

  Forum Editor 22:56 15 Apr 2003

a Helproom topic is it?

I think we've more important things to be doing than to worry about the odd misplaced thread.

  pj123 22:56 15 Apr 2003

No, not life or death. And you are probably right, maybe I do take the Forum too seriously, I spend about 4 to 5 hours on here every day.

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