constructive criticism please... and be nice!

  Xevious 13:23 05 Jul 2004

all, plz view and comment, i'm about to complete my website (it's not live yet) and would like to have a few pointers as to what i may have missed out, or done wrong...

click here

and be nice! lol. or at least be gentle!


  Xevious 13:25 05 Jul 2004

it's not complete yet, hence two of the links aren't quite done, or empty! ;-)

  woodbexhill 13:50 05 Jul 2004

You could perhaps centre the entire thing, on my browser I have a large black gap of just background because its justified to the left.

Perhaps the large blue space on the header banner is too large... just my opinion, something to fill it might look nice.

In regards to the forum, I don't know if you wanted any comments on that. But I'd strongly recommend you get a better skin for it, as I think the default one you have now is over used and plain.

Aside from these minor points, the site loads quickly and the information is set out clearly. Nice site.

  Xevious 13:57 05 Jul 2004

thx, comments taken on board! first point: i would centre the whole lot, but i don't know how! lol! this is my first attempt at doing this in html, but don't know yet what the syntax is for centering the whole lot together... (this isn't done in tables) anyway...

will look to see what ideas i come up with to fill the blue space on the banner, thx for that.

as for the forum, i intend changing the whole lot to correspond with the theme i've used for my website, so that'll change too. just concentrating on getting the main web right first!

thx for your comments, many more to come i hope!

  woodbexhill 14:37 05 Jul 2004

Just off the top of my head, I thought this tutorial might look good across the blank space - if you have photoshop of course. click here

As for the aligning everything to the centre, I think the code is: <div align="center">

You can try that above, though I'm not a HTML genius so it might not work.

  Xevious 14:42 05 Jul 2004

thx, i'll have a look at that link. yes, i do use photoshop, in fact that's all i use for my graphics!

the problem i have with my code is that they are all seperate elements (if that makes sense!) ie the banner is one, the links bar on the left is one, the text down the middle consist of a few...etc

so if i use the <div align="center"> won't that simply place all my elements on top of each other in the middle of the page? i'll give it a go anyway!

  tomleady 15:45 05 Jul 2004

i agree about trying to center it all.

i think you've done well for a first attempt. in fact, very well. you should be pleased with yourself.

my only critism is that it is very dark. there is a lot of black, mianlt the background. maybe try a dark gray, or maybe a light gray. try:

#cccccc, #666666, #a7a7a7.

three different shades of grey (i think).

  Xevious 07:54 06 Jul 2004

had a play with the different colours, didn't seem to work too well, the blocks (links bar, banner...etc) didn't look as good when standing out too much, too square i guess. but will keep trying!

any more ideas / hints?

  Forum Editor 00:28 07 Jul 2004

1. Have you got insurance cover (or other idemnity) in respect of damage or loss to customers' computers and/or software whilst said machines are in your keeping or in transit? If you haven't given this any thought I advise you to do so before you go any further. Sooner or later you may find yourself faced with a substantial claim when you lose a machine, or when someone breaks in and steals a customer's computer. Then there's the question of personal data on a hard drive - what happens if you accidentally erase or corrupt someone's important files? I advise you to print up a disclaimer form and get every customer to sign it. Make sure that customers are warned that it's their responsibility to back up their data before you take possession of, or work on their computer - even if you do the work on their premises.

2. You mention that your "no fix no fee" guarantee is subject to terms and conditions, but you don't say what they are. Why not have a "terms and conditions of business" page, on which you clearly state the terms under which you offer your guarantee?

  Gaz 25 01:51 07 Jul 2004

Be VERY, VERY careful...

If you loose their data - you are responsible.

Make customers sign an agreement first and ensure it covers EVERYTHING possible.

Also on new systems make sure they are provided with some sort of policy of damage. They could make a claim agaisnt you otherwise.

Insurance is a big YES.

  Xevious 09:41 07 Jul 2004

thx, taken on board. whilst i don't currently have that insurance, i do not remove PC's from customer's premises. but will get the insurance anyway, in case i break something (accidentally of course) whilst there!

yes, will be working on a "T&C of business" soon, that will be added. thanks for that. and same thing for customers signing a disclaimer. i think that's a good idea, thx again.

any more good points?

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