constantly having to repair network connection

  timo22 22:03 13 Apr 2008

Hi, I have had a Netgear DG834 wired router for ages which has worked fine, but for the last few months it has been acting up. It works fine for all puposes - web browsing, games, ftp, p2p/torrents, etc for a while but then after a varying amount of time web browsing packs in but games and p2p carry on regardless unless we do a repair network connection in windows when it will start working again.

We have up to 3 computers connected at once, either directly or through another router (used as a switch upstairs) if me and my brother are both back from uni.

We have the problem on all 3 computers, even with just the one downstairs computer connected. Does anyone have any ideas what could be up or why torrents would work when web browsing has stopped?


  brundle 22:17 13 Apr 2008

Losing a connection with the DNS servers could explain it. When it stops working ping a known site using its ordinary URL and then its IP address, if you get a successful result with the IP ping and not the URL ping, the problem is DNS.


  timo22 22:55 14 Apr 2008

I waited until it died then tried pinging the bbc as you said. Both the IP ping and domain name to IP lookup worked so I guess it isnt DNS. Meanwhile, utorrent has wombled along quite happily despite web browsing dead in firefox and IE. Cheers anyway, got any more ideas?

  brundle 23:35 14 Apr 2008

Your router is struggling with the number of TCP connections? Utorrent's default settings allow hundreds of individual TCP connections, try lowering the numbers on each machine, or stop UTorrent on one or all machines and try browsing.

  timo22 23:47 14 Apr 2008

Browsing still cuts out without utorrent running, and we still have the problem when my computer is at uni. It happens on each computer regardless of which other ones are on at the same time. Should I try a firmware update or something?

  brundle 09:11 15 Apr 2008

Worth a try, but if you're using `Repair` on a PC to solve it, the router is less likely to be the problem even though it's the common factor. Can you open a site with its URL in the title bar, in the same way that you'd type in the IP to access the router config? Can you still access the config of the router if you leave a machine connected to it and logged in - (you'll probably need to maintain some kind of activity every few minutes or so to stop it logging you out automatically) until browsing stops working? What happens if you connect another machine after browsing stops working - does it fail to get an IP address, DNS server addresses etc?

  setecio 11:58 15 Apr 2008

Is the DG834 well ventilated, problems can occur with overheating if not.

  setecio 12:02 15 Apr 2008

Yes the latest firmware is also worth trying.

Make sure you get the latest version for the correct model v1 v2 v3 v4 .
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