Constantly having to reinstall router software

  [DELETED] 23:28 04 Feb 2006

I'm using NOW wireless Broadband through a Belkin Router (F5D7231UK4. The router is installed on a P4 laptop, also connected are 2 Athlon 64 machines, another P4 laptop, and an older 2g Celeron laptop. All computers will connect happily when directly connected to the NOW modem.
Around every 2 or 3 days, the wireless connection becomes unstable, and it becomes nigh on impossible to connect to the internet (the sole use of the network, all pc's have cabled printer connections etc). At this, on each occasion, I've been back to what's acting as the server, made the necessary cable changes, and have connected to the internet with no problems at all on a direct modem connection, but have been unable to restore the routed connection without reinstalling the router software.

I've tried resetting both the router and the modem, but to no avail, the only way I can re-establish the connection properly is to reinstall the software.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a permanent fix here?

  [DELETED] 23:33 04 Feb 2006

Could you please clarify what you mean by "router software"?

I use a Belkin - a 76 series - and it neither requires any software nor came with any.

  Forum Editor 23:46 04 Feb 2006

"router software".

Routers don't come with software, they have everything they need built-in, and you don't install anything on your computer. You have no 'server' either - each machine connects directly to the router, and each machine can do so without the need for any of the others to be turned on.

If you have an ADSL connection via a phone line this router connects to it via a modem. You don't need to connect a computer directly to the router, although you can do so if you wish, via ethernet cable.

Otherwise, your computers connect via wireless network cards.

Perhaps you can explain what this software is that you say you have to keep installing?

  [DELETED] 23:50 04 Feb 2006

The router came with a CD, used to install it, the software runs firstly without the router connected to record my internet connection details, then goes throught the connection of the router, dececting it, transferring the connection settings to the router, and finally testing the internet connection.
Without this, nothing happens at all with it connected.
Excusing my ignorance, but I was also a little surprised that I can't see the router as a device on the PC either.

  [DELETED] 23:56 04 Feb 2006

Also, I don't use a phone line at all, NOW uses a wireless modem, no external connections, just USB/Ethernet to PC connection. The router insists on being installed on the PC which holds the internet connection.

  [DELETED] 23:56 04 Feb 2006

Are you saying you previously used Internet Connection Sharing, and have swapped over to a router. If so have you now disabled ICS ?

  [DELETED] 00:00 05 Feb 2006

No, previously the house had only a dial up internet connection. The only available broadband in the area was BT, and I don't have or want a BT line. NOW broadband arrived with wireless broadband, and I have set this up. This is in turn through a router. At present,all 5 pc's on the network are connecting fine,but every couple of days the wireless network all but collapses and the reinstallation follows.

  [DELETED] 00:03 05 Feb 2006

Are you able to identify (by lights on the devices) whether the NOW signal has failed from outside, and what you do re-establishes that OR whether the Belkin wireless network is failing?

  [DELETED] 00:08 05 Feb 2006

As far as I can tell, it is the network that is failing. When this happens, if I take the router out of the equation, and without resetting the modem, connect this directly to the PC, I can connect directly using the NOW dialer, so I don't think it can be the modem, just a recurring issue with the network collapsing.

  [DELETED] 00:15 05 Feb 2006

So the NOW signal comes into the NOW modem which is connected by ethernet to the Belkin which is wirelessly connected to all the PCs?

If you wire a PC into one of the Belkin ports (ethernet from PCs NIC) when it goes down, can you get access this way to the internet?

I doubt you'll have done this, so something to try next time it goes down:-
When the system goes down are you able to log into the router from any of the PCs (by using Internet Explorer with address or whatever the Belkin manual says) and do you get any info from the basic settings or log pages.

And if you go to a command prompt (start-run-cmd) and type IPCONFIG /ALL on each of the PCs when it goes down, what info do you see.

  [DELETED] 00:36 05 Feb 2006

The connection is such that there is a permanent ethernet connection between the router and the pc I had earlier referred to as a server. When the wireless network fails, so does this connection. There is a connection present, and the lights indicate the WAN is present, but I'm unable to connect to the internet.
I did have some issues when originally setting the router up, and spent a while on the phone to Belkin technical support, and tried pinging the router with no joy, but this ended up being an RTFM issue (I'd not unchecked all options for LAN Settings under Internet Options).
If the issue returns, as I expect it will in a couple of days, I'll post the results of IPCONFIG.

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