Constant rebooting

  Meshuga 13:14 19 Apr 2007

A friend has a Toshiba Tecra 8200 laptop, OS is win 2000 professional. It has suddenly started taking excessive time to boot up, sometimes over an hour before the desktop icons appear and shortly after it will reboot itself. This is repeated continuously, making it impossible to use. Sometimes it will reboot before the desktop icons appear. While I was trying to sort it out yesterday a message kept appearig saying "Active desktop recovery" and there was a large Blue triangle with a Blue exclamation mark in the triangle. Any attemt to do anything on the pc only results in it rebooting. The pc was bought 2nd hand some time ago and has been working ok. It is suspect that her teenage son may have caused it but we don`t know what he has done. She has Norton AV which has been regularly used to scan. I dont know if she has the os installation disc. Can anyone suggest a possible cause of the trouble please.

  Kate B 13:22 19 Apr 2007

Can you boot into safe mode? And is Norton up to date? What other anti-malware does the PC have on it?

  Meshuga 13:44 19 Apr 2007

Kate B, any attempt to press any button only results in a shutdown and reboot. AV is up to date as far as I know. I don`t know what other anti malware is on there since, as already mentioned, I am unable to get anywhere. She is talking about getting a professional in to have a look but in view of the fact that it only cost £50 when bought I dont think its worth it. I dont feel competent enough to go too far with it.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:19 19 Apr 2007

Best thing is to try to get an OS cd and boot with that - if it will boot, that means it is likely a problem with the software installtion rather than hardware.

If the same thing happens when booting with the OS CD then it is likely a hardware problem.

After that, find out if there is any recovery media and see if it can be used.

  birdface 14:43 19 Apr 2007

Try In safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 till it opens.Worth a try,If by any chance you do get in,Try last good configuration,Or system restore.Make sure that there is no fluff or dust clogging the air vents at the back of it causing it to overheat,Does it run any better if diconnected from the internet.

  Meshuga 14:46 19 Apr 2007

Thank you Diodorus Siculus, I will see what info I can get from my friend and decide what to do then.

Thank you too Kate B.

  Meshuga 14:56 19 Apr 2007

Thank you buteman, not sure if win 2000 professional had system restore.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:00 19 Apr 2007

No system restore in Win2k; one of the boot opions under the safemode menu though is "last good configuration" which may help.

If you can get the Win2k CD, you may be able to do a repair installation.

If you need a Win2k CD, I have one somewhere which I'll happily pass on as I don't use it anymore.

  Meshuga 16:36 19 Apr 2007

Thank you for that D S, will keep it in mind. Might be a week before I see the lady again.

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