Constant Mouse Problems

  gecko1001 17:28 10 Jun 2005

I have changed my mouse but I still am having the same following problem:

The mouse keeps jumping to the top left of the screen and when playing first person shooters, the display starts to spin as though I have moved the mouse real quick, it is not a virus problem, so any ideas, done all mouse settings by way to no avail.

  Andsome 17:58 10 Jun 2005

You could try looking in ADD/REMOVE programs to see if you have had a program called crazy mouse downloaded on you. If it is not there, try START /SEARCH, and type in Crazy mouse. If you get any results delete them.

  gecko1001 18:12 12 Jun 2005

Checked and no Crazy Mouse, any other ideas andyone, as this is just a real pain this problem.

  Andsome 08:31 13 Jun 2005

If you have already checked START/CONTROL PANEL/MOUSE, then apart from Crazy Mouse I am stumped. If this only occurs in a particular game maybe it has become corrupted in some way. Can you uninstall it, then run Crap Cleaner and RegScrub XP to clean the registry, and then reinstall it?

  Ancient Learner 16:02 13 Jun 2005

My mouse started playing up, developed a mind of its own. I checked everything , reinstalled, the lot. It's optical. I put a folded sheet of new white printing paper underneath instead or the old mouse mat that I was using. Cured!!

  Djohn 16:55 13 Jun 2005

I have several optical cordless rodents and 1 of them is accurate on any surface, I think I could use that one on a bed of gravel and still get accurate response.

Other 2 are very temperamental, 1 will work best on a white surface and the other on a black surface. Once you've found the best option for your mouse, you will find it to be very responsive and extremely accurate.

  dananme 00:26 22 Jul 2005

I was beginning to think I was crazy. Put mouse underneath mouse. It's like magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

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