Constant Lock Up

  SABRE 00:57 31 Mar 2004

A friend has a prob. with her PC. It is a 1.7mhx Pent with 256 ram running XP. Problem is that if she tries to open more than one application and tries multi-tasking the thing locks up and dies.
I have done all the standard stuff (disk clean,defrag) but have no idea what is causing the prob. It, from my basic assumption, seams like some sort of memory problem in that whatever capacity to open & run additional tasks there is, is already being used up.
Any ideas for a fix?

  User-312386 01:01 31 Mar 2004

1 add at least another 256ram

2 see if anything is starting up in "start up" and check msconfig as well

  SABRE 01:14 31 Mar 2004

SURELY 256 RAM OUGHT TO BE ENOUGH TO RUN MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION? Thats all I use on mine and I dont have the prob.

Can you elaborate on point 2 please? Where is 'Start Up' and what do I do with MSCONFIG?

  User-312386 01:18 31 Mar 2004

1 go to start>all programmes>start up

2 msconfig = is where all other programmes start from directly when the computer boots up. You will find programmes such as antivrus there and your systray(system tray).

If there are to many programmes loading then the computer would take to much memory and would slow down

  GaT7 03:20 31 Mar 2004

This is not a fix - only for t'shooting...

Download & install a trial version of Memokit - click here.

Basically it will let you see what running programs are using the most resources/memory in real time & will warn you (if you allow it to run in your Taskbar) when a crash/lockup is imminent. When resources fall drastically or the program starts 'flashing' &/or displaying warnings open it's main window to see what it reveals.

Hope it may throw some light into your friend's PC problems. Good luck, G

[To learn more about Memokit - click here - I reckon it hardly does all it claims to do & not recommended in a modern Win XP PC. So ignore the hype & just use it here for t'shooting purposes.]

  SABRE 01:42 01 Apr 2004

Found a free download of Tune Up Utilities. From what it says it seems just the job. Mind you, like all tools you have to know how to use it. Not sure that I do.

  Jakey boy 09:27 01 Apr 2004

Click START, then RUN, type msconfig, click OK. Select STARTUP tab, and check all ticked items in the list. Note anything that doesn't sound familiar, and enter them into a search engine like Google. You could try click here for lots of help too. The chances are there is spyware/adware or unwanted progs running in the background, press alt/ctrl/delete - and select running processes to see alist of what's going on in the backgroung. Hope this helps, good luck!

  Jakey boy 09:29 01 Apr 2004

*A list - *background!

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