Constant HDD Led activity ?

  Derek 14:10 04 Aug 2003

Asus A7N8X / Win ME / DDR / Athlon etc /CD Rom / CD-RW /
My LED activity light is constantly blinking perhaps telling me that the 60 Gb is forever being addressed.
History.....Fitted the new MB and reformatted the HD, did a clean load of Win98 followed by an upgrade to ME have no question marks in Device Manager, loaded up all programmes along with Roxio "Backup". Ran System Mechanic to clean up folder,files and registry. It appears to be running quite well but trying to get further programmes loaded into one of the two CD units is proving difficult because of this, so-called, HD activity.
I've "Disc Checked" the HD and defragged it twice, I have no startup programmes running.
Left the PC running on desktop with a screen saver for four hours...and still it's 'active'.
Help please when convenient Kind regards DM.

  y_not 16:58 04 Aug 2003

Have you tried alt-ctrl-del to see what processes are running?

Also I downloaded a freeware prog the other day that "kills" all unnecessary running applications - you could try that from click here

Sorry if I'm wasting your time - only things I could think of

  Rayuk 17:08 04 Aug 2003

Is it on continually,perhaps you have the plug on hdd led on the wrong way round on the motherboard.

  Jester2K II 17:12 04 Aug 2003

Rayuk - not if the system is working ok!!! That only applies to floppy drives....

Roxio "Backup" - backup or GoBack???

  Rayuk 17:28 04 Aug 2003

Have had the experience whereby the connection was on the wrong way and the hdd led stayed on continuously.

Wondered what you meant re floppy then penny dropped,I dont mean the ide cable its the led cable from the case.

  Jester2K II 17:30 04 Aug 2003

I see - i read it as "hdd leAd " - with the a to make led into leAd... Sorry!!

Derek - do you mean Roxio GoBack and not Roxio Backup???

  Derek 06:02 05 Aug 2003

RayUK..Sorry my friend, I meant Roxio "GoBack".

  Derek 06:04 05 Aug 2003

Jester...Thanks for the input, the Led wiring is correct.

  -pops- 06:36 05 Aug 2003

Can't remember about ME but XP has "Disk Indexing Service" which can make your hard drive seem as though it's constantly working. Have a look in your Windows Help and Support to find out more about it.

  Jester2K II 08:30 05 Aug 2003

Wrong way round - i asked about GoBack, RayUK asked about the LED Cable.

GoBack is constantly making notes of your activity. Hence the constant HDD LED being on all the time. I use it (its brilliant) and sometimes it goes like that. Depending on what else is running on the PC depends on the changes and hence the amount of disk activity. Try disabling GoBack for a while - Right Click Tray Icon, Options, History Tab, Disable GoBack.

Disk Indexing Service - Open My Computer and right click each Hard Drive and select Properties. Uncheck "Allow Indexing Service....."

  -pops- 08:39 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for that Jester. I couldn't remember if ME had the disk indexing service - and even if it did, I didn't know if it functioned in the say way as XP.

Does anyone use it, I wonder?


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