Constant hard disk activity on my PC

  stlucia2 14:05 25 May 2018

I got a new PC earlier this year (HP Pavillion with AMD A12-9800 Radeon A7) and have recently become aware of almost-constant furious hard-disk activity irrespective of what I'm doing. I've run Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D to ensure I don't have a virus, so what else can I do to figure out what's going on please? I'm concerned that someone may be using my PC to mine bitcoins, or something.

  stlucia2 11:30 27 May 2018

Any ideas please? Is this normal activity these days? It's probably been going on ever since I bought the PC, but I've only just noticed it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 27 May 2018

Open task manger and see what is using the hard disk.

if you don'r have much memory them it could be virtual memory use or windows indexing the drive or our antivrus scanning at startup.

  wiganken2 12:14 27 May 2018

Neither Malwarebytes or Spybot S&D offer antivirus protection. Viruses and Malware are different so if you only have malware protection and no AV protection then you could have become infected with a virus. You can run one-time free virus/malware scans from various security companies. If you search for "online virus scan" you will find several offers but beware those that offer to scan but not fix. I have no connection with ESET (click here ) but they are one that offers to fix as well as scan.

  wiganken2 12:23 27 May 2018

P.S. Think back to when this activity started and check if any programs were installed around that time. As Fruit Bat says that program may show up in Task Manager as being the culprit. What you do after that depends upon what the program is. If it is a Windows OS program then you can't delete it but if it is anything else then consider (carefully) uninstalling it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:29 27 May 2018


Neither Malwarebytes or Spybot S&D offer antivirus protection

I suggest you read click here

  wiganken2 13:11 27 May 2018

Thanks for pointing that out Fruit Bat. I also have Malwarebytes installed but it is the free version with no real-time protection. I run Norton security for real-time protection and run manual scans using Malwarebytes as a belt-and-braces approach. I wasn't aware Malwarebytes scanned for both malware and viruses but if stlucia2 has the free version then he will not have the real-time protection and a virus could have got through. Stlucia2 do you have Malwarebytes Premium or the Free version? If you are running the free version then you need the Premium version or some other real-time anti-virus protection.

  wee eddie 13:21 27 May 2018

Just a thought: As it is new, could it be Windows 10 Search indexing your Hard Drive?

  stlucia2 21:37 27 May 2018

Thanks for those replies. I've had a look at Task Manager and, apart from not seeing anything listed that looks dodgy, I don't quite know what else I'm looking for: In the 'Processes' tab there's 4 apps, 77 background processes, and 91 Windows processes listed. At the moment CPU is flickering between about 20% and 36%, memory is stable at 40%, and disk and network are both 0%. Google Chrome (my regular browser) and Task Manager account for most of the CPU percentage, with others like Acronis True Image, Antimalware Service Executable, and several others kicking on and off with less than 1% from time to time. Funnily enough, there's hardly any HDD activity that I can hear while I've got Task Manager open and I'm writing this.

My PC is only relatively new, and has been through several Win 10 automatic updates since I got it.

How do I find out what type of HDD I have? All I can see is it's 1.23TB with 1.18TB free. You may be right about it trying to catch up with processes -- I recently got my internet upgraded from copper which was giving me about 4Mb/s to fibre which is giving me a reliable 30+ Mb/s. Could that be the trigger that's caused more HDD activity?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 27 May 2018

That all sounds pretty normal.

Its likely the windows updates downloding files and installing files on your HDD was the problem.

  stlucia2 08:45 28 May 2018

Thanks again.

Major Geeks confirms that my HDD is a 5400rpm SATA drive. Task Manager confirms that Google Chrome is the highest user at around 30%, followed by others such as Service Host, Anti Malware, Zone Alarm, and Acronis True Image at less than 1%.

And audible HDD activity is much less as I write this so, as you suggest, it might have been a flurry of Win 10 downloading an update before activating it.

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