Constant Calls Need Help 5

  Rex Boone 16:18 30 Aug 2018


I keep getting calls from this number,01619996884, most recent was this afternoon when I answered just a long pause and then it cut off. Every time I redial the number it keeps telling me that I have dialled an incorrect number and cancels.

I've looked on most sites for reports on this number as well as just randomly typing it into google hoping it would give me something, but all I have is the location.

Is there anyone able to help me find out who the number belongs too?



  Clapton is God 16:21 30 Aug 2018

What does it matter who it belongs to?

Just block it!

  wee eddie 16:56 30 Aug 2018

It's spam

  KEITH 1955 18:48 30 Aug 2018

It is a new spam number , like you I just search whose number is 01619996884

and nothing came up , the first part of the number is the dialing code for manchester

  Blackhat 19:25 30 Aug 2018

Hi Rex, it is a scam, I was getting these a few months ago. If land line your service provider should be able to block it, if mobile you can do it your self. You will probably the same from slightly different numbers for some time, just repeat block.

  Forum Editor 19:55 30 Aug 2018

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