Constant blue screens, could be ram?

  Seibel123k 11:51 29 Jun 2017

Hi guys, normally don't post forums but really need some advise with this one.

Pc is a liquid series from pc specialist X99 mobo i7 processor 2x 980Tis 32gb corsair vengeance

Full custom liquid cooling loop.

Here's the issue. Turned pc on today, error stating 'cpu over voltage, cpu high temperature' took me to settings and for some unknown reason cpu voltage was at 1.8 (usually at 1.25)

I had changed no settings and was gaming last night as normal and everything shutdownas normal. Had pc for about 13 months.

I set bios to restore all defaults and the voltage and temps are now showing fine. However I'm getting perma blue screened, the furthest it ever gets is to the log in screen but crashes before I get on.

So I used a friends pc to create the windows media creator USB to try to get my PC formatted. However even booting via USB, I only get as far as windows copying files before another blue screen. Been trying for hours and it's random blue screens with various errors.

So I called pcspecialist up (parts are under warranty for 3 years)

Explain everything to him and he just snap replies 'it's the Ram, send it to us and we'll replace it'..this would be fine if that works, but why all of a sudden would the ram be dead? And why did I get the Cpu high voltage and temp initially? Surely it's more likely a cpu issue?

Expert advice would be appreciated, it just seems strange to presume it's ram. Also I have 4 ram sticks and have tried in pairs of 2 and each separate stick, and it all still happens. COuld all 4 sticks really randomly be causing this?


  wee eddie 14:03 29 Jun 2017

Do you receive a POST Beep on Start-up?

  Seibel123k 14:15 29 Jun 2017

I get a beep every boot up, and yeah still getting it. I've contacted them again and I'm sending my whole PC for them to look at. Rather be safe than waste time changing ram if it's not the issue

  wee eddie 14:58 29 Jun 2017

I think that the POST Beep is a RAM Check, among other things.

I agree with your action. Better safe than sorry

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