consider replacing my batterey? HUH?

  arminmckidd 11:33 23 Sep 2010

Right so iv had my Dell XPS M1530 for about, well coming up 2 years this October and yesterday evening i received a tiny X on my battery icon with a message: "consider replacing your battery"
It's a 9-cell battery and I'm running Win7 Ultimate 64-bit by the way.

does anyone have any advice they think they can share? like do i really need to search endless pages on ebay to buy a replacement battery.

Nice One!

  mooly 11:39 23 Sep 2010

I wondered if the warning could be related to the CMOS backup battery, but if it's on the main icon I suspect not ?

Does the battery perform OK ?
Have you used it much on battery in that 2 years ?

Is it worth running down to cut off and fully charging a couple of times to "recalibrate" the battery software.

  arminmckidd 14:43 23 Sep 2010

yes the battery performs ok i suppose. I have been using it quite a lot throughout the time i had it.

when i click on the battery icon, it gives me more information: "there is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly"
Im not sure i like the sound of that?!?!

by the way, im not quite sure what you meant by recalibrating it?

  arminmckidd 15:30 23 Sep 2010

do u suggest i replace the battery. I found one on ebay for about £28. do u think thats a reasonable price?


  mooly 17:57 23 Sep 2010

Calibrating... is to try and make sure that laptop interprets the battery capacity correctly.

click here

If you search for calibrate Dell battery,

click here

I would try fully discharging it first to the cut off point and then recharging.

Wouldn't like to say whether the ebay offering is OK or not... batteries seem to cause no end of trouble. If it's guaranteed OK and refund available if not then maybe worth a go.
Laptop batteries often have in built electronics, and some "compatable" ones do cause problems.

  arminmckidd 10:05 24 Sep 2010

strangely enough, the 'X' icon on the battery telling me i need to replace it HAS disappeared and so has the message. as if nothing happened

Is this a good thing or not?


  mooly 12:13 24 Sep 2010

Impossible to say... the mysteries of the way the software works and what it is looking for as regards info from the battery to determine any problems.

I had another thought too... definitely try this.
With the laptop off, remove the battery and while it's out it's worth cleaning the contacts with a cotton bud and some alcholol etc.
Most important thing though, is while the battery is out, press and HOLD the power button on the laptop for 20 seconds or so. This totally discharges any capacitors in the power supply and makes sure the "logic" is fully reset. Then just refit the battery.

  woodchip 13:55 24 Sep 2010

Run the Laptop on Battery till its near ready for recharging then Switch the Laptop off and put the Power adapter plug in and charge while its switched of. Do this about four times and it should bring some life back to the battery,but will not make it into a new one. They last about 3 years

  mooly 17:54 25 Sep 2010

Another thread appeared... very interesting reading,
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