Connections of VCR, DVD Recorder. Cable box

  Splodge 16:14 06 Dec 2007

I know is this outside the usual remit but I spent most of last night trying to connect the Scarts and aerial leads to get correct functions.
I tried the manuals and the Digital Group Connection Wizard site.

They do not work for me. At 77 I don't want to be found collapsed over the system because, unfortunately for me, I hate to give up and am inclined to push it! Too late to change now!

Can someone direct me to another site?

I have a Grundig TV, a Panasonic VCR, a Panasonic DVD Recorder and a Cable box to link together. The manuals only show the link which applies to the product. Panasonic can no longer be reached, their e-mail "times out" and the telephone menu goes so far then says "we regret... etc".

They all have 2 Scarts but not all are marked AV1 or AV2. And the aerial connections are a mystery.

I would most grateful.

  Technotiger 22:59 06 Dec 2007

Forgot to mention - the Video Processor/Audio Mixer is a Videotech VEC1030. It has 1xVideo and 3xStereo Audio inputs, each with its own Slider control. 1xVideo Out and 1xStereo Audio Out.

Video and Audio from Proc'r go to Video In on PC Video card and Line-in on Sound card. Line-in on Sound card has a one-to-two adapter plug to accommodate audio from Proc'r and from Line out on HiFi.

  Technotiger 23:03 06 Dec 2007

Ooops - slight amendment ... Line-out from HiFi Stereo Audio, goes to one of the Stereo Audio inputs on the Proc'r.

  Technotiger 23:16 06 Dec 2007

Finally, I hope, I have another VCR connected to PC, also via the Proc'r.

So with the Proc'r I can control/mix Audio from the TV/DVD Rec/VCR with one slider, Audio from HiFi with second slider and Audio from 2nd VCR with the third slider. Can also attach Camcorder direct to Proc'r and control Detail, Brightness, Colour, Split-Wipe, Shade, of Video on PC screen and/or TV.

Not to mention Speaker set-up (7 speakers and woofer) with its own audio controls Master/Front/Rear/Center/Bass.

  Technotiger 23:21 06 Dec 2007

Now I will stop 'showing-off' and hope that the above is actually of some help to you, in sorting your set-up.

Nite-nite all ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, hope I haven't bored you all to death!

  Splodge 05:44 07 Dec 2007

Time to awaken!

I have read through everything but at 4 am I woke up and checked my recordings. My DVD coped at AV2 but my VCR did not record anything. I missed "Dead Like Me" (which is macabre really given my age or perhaps because) so, I did what I ought to have done a long time ago.

I stripped everything out, un-coupled all the cables, laid them out neatly and started from scratch.

So far, I have my TV (with Freeview) and my cable programs. I may not be able to record but I can watch! McCloud's Daughters at 6 am on Hallmark. Since I have a lot on my DVD's I am going to re-install that first.

Incidentally, when I recouple my computer to the TV input, I can record there and actually watch the program on my TV via AV4.

  Splodge 15:07 07 Dec 2007

Technotiger: you will be peased to know that I have everything morking now.

I did what I ought to have done in the beginning.I stripped everything out, laid all the cables etc out and started again.

I started off with the cable box.I now alsu have my old DVR again which, generally records the analogue programs. Unless I specify AV2.

I then added the DVD Recorder which has no analogue channels but has Freeview and, of course Cable.

My Television has Freeview and my Computer has the Hauppauge Freeview plus Analogue also. I can also record it. I have a connection between the computer and television which allows me to see the computer screen and watch the recorded programs on the larger TV!

Finally I connected the DVD and the Television with a HDMI cable.

This time I drew a diagram and put it away safe in case I ever need it again.

The interesting thing is the various manuals showing connections for the pieces of equipment bear no relation to my "very simple" sheet of paper.

Unfortunately I live in a block so a speaker system is not an option. In fact I use Sennheiser headphones most of the time..they have a 300 metre range.

So thank you and, should you ever need it, I have the connections on paper!

  Technotiger 15:14 07 Dec 2007

OK, Grrreat - glad you have it sorted now. Thanks for the feedback. I have kept a print-out of my own set-up connections now, have been meaning to do it for some time ....... so thanks for the nudge!

  Technotiger 15:17 07 Dec 2007

BTW, don't forget the Green tick - Resolved!

  Jim Thing 15:24 07 Dec 2007

From one Wrinkled Person to another — greetings and congratulations!

I've been wrestling unsuccessfully with a very similar problem for ages (I'd be ashamed to confess just how long). I may end up describing the details later, but at the moment I don't want to hijack your thread.

I'd be very interested to see your diagram though. Is there any chance you could put it on ImageBucket or similar? Please feel free to e-mail me via the yellow envelope if you prefer.

  Jim Thing 16:29 07 Dec 2007

This damn keyboard makes stupid mistakes. PhotoBucket was what I meant...:-)

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