Connections of VCR, DVD Recorder. Cable box

  Splodge 16:14 06 Dec 2007

I know is this outside the usual remit but I spent most of last night trying to connect the Scarts and aerial leads to get correct functions.
I tried the manuals and the Digital Group Connection Wizard site.

They do not work for me. At 77 I don't want to be found collapsed over the system because, unfortunately for me, I hate to give up and am inclined to push it! Too late to change now!

Can someone direct me to another site?

I have a Grundig TV, a Panasonic VCR, a Panasonic DVD Recorder and a Cable box to link together. The manuals only show the link which applies to the product. Panasonic can no longer be reached, their e-mail "times out" and the telephone menu goes so far then says "we regret... etc".

They all have 2 Scarts but not all are marked AV1 or AV2. And the aerial connections are a mystery.

I would most grateful.

  howard64 17:10 06 Dec 2007

normally the sat box goes at the furthest from the tv. Use scarts to connect in and out of each other piece of equipment. With normal aerial it goes to the rf or aerial in on each piece and another aerial cable goes from the rf out or aerial out to the aerial in on the next piece. All must be on or the aerial signal is messed up. How many scart sockets are there on the back of the tv?

  Splodge 17:34 06 Dec 2007

I did exactly that, which is why the Digital Group Connection Wizard was so confusing.

I have 2 scarts on each piece of equipment and I have already done as you suggest.

But, clicking on an analogue channel is perfect for viewing but recording it gives a very poor picture.

I am sure I have done it all in a logical manner and have rechecked everything, made sure the scarts are well seated etc.

Which is why the late night (under 2 hours kip) changing over and testing all the leads in a different order.

Thank you though for your attempt. I just hope someone already has the same equipment already set up!

  howard64 17:38 06 Dec 2007

with 2 scarts on the back of the tv try the dvd recorder in 1 of them and the scart from the rest in the other. I am not clear what you are trying to record from - is it normal aerial? freeview? sky or cable?

  MAJ 17:41 06 Dec 2007

Had roughly the same setup as you require, Splodge, except that mine uses a Sky Box instead of your Cable Box. No matter which way round I tried, I couldn't get the DVD Recorder and the VCR to work together in the loop. I had to settle for leaving the VCR out and it all works perfectly.

  Splodge 17:56 06 Dec 2007

I have Cable and I have Freeview too!

I did have mine working OK till I bought a new Panasonic DVD/VCR combination to replace the old VCR.

Like you Maj I could not get the two Panasonics to work seperately on the remotes.

Taking it out again and re-instating the old VCR without having taking note of my old settings is the cause of the problem.

I sent the DVD/VCR back (which cost me £25 in postage). Even the cat is staying away!

The Manuals ought to be covering all the basics now with a complete schematic of all equipment it is possible to install. Particularly with the Freeview options and the switch-off starting.

Frankly I don't think they care, but they will if we get a mini-depression and no one buys!

  Technotiger 18:26 06 Dec 2007

Hi, I have an ordinary TV digibox, a VCR, a DVD Recorder/Player/TV Tuner all in one, a HiFi system which includes separate Record-deck - and a Camcorder all connected together and to the TV. Also a Video Processor/Audio mixer (bought for £1 at a boot-sale) and a second VCR connected directly to the PC, (a tower PC running XP Home(SP2) - with two external hard drives, a Webcam and Tech 5.1 Surround sound speaker system (the speakers on the Hi-Fi also come into play, as and when required, in addition to the PC speakers). Plus of course Printer and Scanner and Router.

Howard64 - it is not true to say that 'all must be on or aerial signal mixed up'. I can use my digi-box, VCR and DVD recorder/player individually of each other and only the individual items switched on as required (these are all of course connected to TV).

Splodge - *I spent most of last night trying to connect the Scarts and aerial leads to get correct functions - unfortunately for me, I hate to give up and am inclined to push it! Too late to change now!* I am also in my 70's and partially disabled - it took me nearly two weeks to work out how to set-up that lot, and it was almost all done the old-fashioned way - by trial and error (mostly error for the first week), but I too am pretty determined, and hate to give up. So I would say stick at it mate, it might take you two weeks as well, but it is a great feeling when everything comes together and works to ones own satisfaction in the end.

  Technotiger 18:32 06 Dec 2007

When I am feeling a bit better, I will look fully at my set-up connections, make notes and try to show clearly how each item is connected - even doing that will take me a while, but I will do it and post on here at another time. Sorry, I cannot rush things, so you may have to wait a little while before seeing the results.

  Splodge 20:00 06 Dec 2007


Thanks, no hurry!

I also have a TV card with Freeview. That connection has gone too because I cannot remember my connections there either.

Teaches me not to be so greedy about the number of programs I can watch. Well not much else I can do these days! LOL.

Trouble is, like buses all the good programs come together.

  Technotiger 20:08 06 Dec 2007

Hi, I have started making notes. I too have a Hauppage WinTV2000 card, which I forgot to mention earlier - this also allows me to use my TV as a second monitor. My Hauppage card does not have Freeview, but I get that with the Digibox anyway of course.

  Technotiger 21:43 06 Dec 2007

I hope you can make some sense out of this lot ...

1. Co-ax Aerial cable from rooftop aerial -
to Digibox In
Digibox Out
to VCR In
to DVD Rec In
DVD Rec Out
to TV

2. SCART's
Digibox has two Scart sockets
One, marked TV, has a Scart Adapter In/Out
Plug fitted, this Adapter plug also has
Phono Sockets on the top of it. Coming from that Adapter is a Scart to Triple Phono lead (Vid and Stereo Audio), these phono's go to the *Vid Processor/Audio mixer* In sockets. *hereafter called the Proc'r*
The Audio phono sockets on top of Adapter plug
are connected to Line-in on Hi-Fi.
Line-out on Hi-Fi is connected to one of the
three Audio Line-in's on the Proc'r.

The second Scart on Digibox, marked VCR, is connected to Scart marked AV2 Decoder, on VCR.

3. VCR - Scart marked AV1(TV) to TV Scart AV2.

4. DVD Recorder - Scart marked Output to TV, to TV Scart AV1.

Camcorder is connected to front Phono's on DVD Rec.

S-VHS to/from front of DVD Rec to S-VHS on PC Video Card.

I will try and answer any questions resulting from the above - that is, if you can make sense of it!!

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