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Connections at rear if monitor

  thumbscrew 17:30 26 Dec 2012

Although my Viewsonic monitor still has a perfect picture, I fear it is about to bite the dust as pressing the on/off button only results in a flickering button!! So far, by constantly pressing in and out it eventually comes to life, but it's obviously dying. Went to Curry's today to investigate a replacement, but discovered that the connections on the rear of all the monitors in the store, differed from my Viewsonic. I have a mains cable in, then a DVI and another similar to the DVI marked DSUB. However the ones in Curry's only had one connector at the back, which I assume was a DVI. Can anyone tell me if the one connector type would work on my desktop,or do I need to track down a two connector model as at present?

  lotvic 20:07 26 Dec 2012

Sorry I should have refreshed page before my last post - I didn't see your response where you have answered the question.

Ian in Northampton will no doubt be posting soon now he knows the setup.

  thumbscrew 20:32 26 Dec 2012

Hello rdave and thanks.....bit confused re "Video sockets on my computer". Couldn't I just use the model I've got now as an example...ergo one that has the same connections, DSUB and DVI-D?

  thumbscrew 21:00 26 Dec 2012

Ok rdave, just unplugged the D-SUB and there's a picture!! I'm now more confused than ever because the installation guide, both the book and the cd, shows the mains lead and both of the aforementioned plugs connected into the monitor.

  thumbscrew 21:42 26 Dec 2012

If I ever needed proof or confirmation about my love/hate relationship with computers, this is it....even a simple thing like a new monitor is loaded with problems and confusion. Thanks very much rdave Ian and lotvic, for your help and continued patience.

  BRYNIT 21:59 26 Dec 2012

thumbscrew I can see the confusion after looking at a Viewsonic instruction manual. The picture indicating that the D-Sub and DVI can be connected to the computer, what I didn't find in the instructions was that one or the other should be used and not both. Sometime having a Monitor connected via both cables to the same computers video card can cause problems.

The reason the Monitor had a D-Sub and DVI connections was because older video cards only had a D-Sub connection, newer cards had both or just a DVI connections. Any monitor you buy today will have DVI + HDMI, D-Sub + HDMI or all three connections you will only need to connect the monitor from one of the connections to your computers video card for it to work.

  lotvic 22:07 26 Dec 2012

As BRYNIT says "you will only need to connect the monitor from one of the connections to your computers video card for it to work" so what you need to look at is the DVI connector on your video card on the back of your pc and to connect with one cable from that.

  thumbscrew 22:32 26 Dec 2012

Hello and thanks BRYNIT and yes looking at the diagram in my manual it's unequivocal that both wires are meant to be plugged in together....computers eh! So it seems that any monitor I get will be able to be connected...only one way to find out! Many thanks again everyone.

  thumbscrew 23:01 26 Dec 2012

Will do and once again thanks for spending most of the night helping a complete stranger....much appreciated amigo.

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