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Connections at rear if monitor

  thumbscrew 17:30 26 Dec 2012

Although my Viewsonic monitor still has a perfect picture, I fear it is about to bite the dust as pressing the on/off button only results in a flickering button!! So far, by constantly pressing in and out it eventually comes to life, but it's obviously dying. Went to Curry's today to investigate a replacement, but discovered that the connections on the rear of all the monitors in the store, differed from my Viewsonic. I have a mains cable in, then a DVI and another similar to the DVI marked DSUB. However the ones in Curry's only had one connector at the back, which I assume was a DVI. Can anyone tell me if the one connector type would work on my desktop,or do I need to track down a two connector model as at present?

  Nontek 17:38 26 Dec 2012

I would have thought that it should not be too difficult to have the on/off button repaired or replaced.

  QuizMan 17:48 26 Dec 2012

You only need one cable for one monitor. DSUB used to be the standard connector, but more recently it has been DVI and HDMI. If you currently plug into DVI, you will be fine with a new monitor. If you use DSUB you are either going to have to buy a new cable (if not supplied with the monitor) or a DSUB to DVI adaptor.

  Ian in Northampton 17:56 26 Dec 2012

You should be fine - so long as the connector on the monitor is DVI-I, not DVI-D (I think the large majority are DVI-I). DVI-D is digital DVI, so the analog output from your desktop (I assume you're connecting via the VGA port?) is incompatible. DVI-I is, however, analog, and a simple converter or VGA to DVI-I cable should work. Ask the guy at Curry's whether it's DVI-I or DVI-D. No, on second thoughts... ;-)

Scroll down this page and you'll see how DVI-I and DVI-D connectors look different.

Nontek: can't you tell when a guy just wants to buy a new monitor...? ;-)

  thumbscrew 18:43 26 Dec 2012

Thanks Nontek,after investigating the flickering button problem online it seems to be the most common prelude to a monitor giving up the proverbial ghost!I'd love to get it fixed but I'm under the impression that it could be prohibitly expensive compared to shelling out for a replacement. After button fiddling, if I get a picture then it remains on until I turn off. Strangely if I attempt to turn back on after a short while, it works. However after a long layoff, say overnight, then for some unknown reason it starts performing. So far, with perseverence I've managed to get a picture, but I'm pretty convinced that very soon I'll have a permanent dead screen!Thanks QuizMan, I've currently got a DSUB and a DVI-D single link plugged into the back. Do you mean that if I buy a monitor with only a DVI, that's all I need and it will work without the DSUB? Thanks Ian...very helpful link and checking the pictures, mine seems to be a DVI-D, which you state is not ideal???

  Ian in Northampton 19:20 26 Dec 2012

If it is indeed DVI-D, my understanding is that there's no way you can connect your VGA/DSUB out port to the monitor, as DVI-D is digital and VGA/DSUB is analog. I'm inferring that you have a 2-monitor setup? It's not 100% clear to me yet what you've got connected, and how?

  lotvic 19:29 26 Dec 2012

"I've currently got a DSUB and a DVI-D single link plugged into the back"

Please explain that (maybe it's me being dim). Do you mean you have got the mains supply and then as well got two video cables from your pc plugged into the one monitor?

  thumbscrew 19:41 26 Dec 2012

Cheers again Ian, I am a poor soul of limited Tech knowledge so apologies if I'm confusing you. The set up at the back blue plug with three rows of five pins, the middle row slightly to the left of the top and bottom row. This is marked D-Sub on the monitor. The other is marked DVI and comprises two small blocks of nine pins adjacent to each other and a single small metal strip to the left of them. This corresponds exactly to the DVI-D single link drawing in the link that you sent me. This is how it's been for the six or seven years I've had the computer. Forgot to add it's an (Now defunct....thanks to the government pulling the plug on the Home Computer deal)Evesham desktop.

  thumbscrew 19:47 26 Dec 2012

Hi again lotvic...yes, mains plug and two cables as I explained in above post. May I assure you that any "Dimness" is on my part. Even though I've had a computer for several years, my knowledge is extremely limited. This is deliberate as the constant flux, change and never ending updating drove me to despair and as I've got better things to do, I decided to ignore the workings...and I feel better for it!!!

  lotvic 20:04 26 Dec 2012

Yes but to end the confusion, please confirm if you have got two cables plugged in to the monitor. Have you got a cable from your pc plugged into the D-sub (vga) on your monitor and also another cable from your pc plugged into the DVI-D on your monitor?

  thumbscrew 20:07 26 Dec 2012

Yes, two cables plugged in, exactly as you described.

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