Connection on Start-up

  Kernow999 19:51 10 Nov 2003

Why does my computer connect when I start up. Thought it had something to do with ZA but have unistalled most of that.

  R4 20:04 10 Nov 2003

have a look in your start up folder and/or the startup in msconfig to see if you have your connection being started there.

  A_World_Maker 20:05 10 Nov 2003

It could be a host of programmes that want to 'automatically check for new updates'... you should 1stly check out what programmes start when your xomputer starts... search for and run msconfig... this will show you in the 'startup' tab.. what is running....

Also run a virus check and also Search & Destroy programme... that will delete any 'autodialers' installed by porn sites.... even if you don't go to them

  A_World_Maker 20:06 10 Nov 2003

xomputer=computer btw :-O

  R4 20:33 10 Nov 2003

By Email from Kernow999

I have looked in Msconfig in start-up and there are loads of things ticked. How do I know which one is causing the connection?

Depends on what you have software installed and how they are set up.

ie: Norton Live update if set to automatic will attempt to connect to update your virus protection, allso 'allways on broadband' could be set to connect on startup and some MS products 'autostart'.

You could try setting msconfig to selective startup and uncheck the 'load startup group items'

if this works go to the startup items and check them one at a time until it attemps to connect then check all others except that one see if this stops the connection attempt.

  trefor 20:43 10 Nov 2003

I had the same problem... See my posting of 02.05.2003. I had two versions of Explorer running for some reason one of which was corrupted. The corrupted one was found by MacAfee antivirus.

Best of luck!!


  Kernow999 10:51 15 Nov 2003

Gone through the Start-up tab on msconfig. Scary! But it appears that it was something called "Updater" that was causing the auto-dial up. Unticked that. Is it important??
Thanks for your help

  R4 16:00 15 Nov 2003

it should be OK not to run Updater, it is a program set to auto-update.

If you go into the registrywhilst at:-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\-Run . when it is unchecked in msconfig you will be able to see the file that it's running.

if you don't want it to run delete it.

BACKUP your registry first just in case.

  Kernow999 16:48 15 Nov 2003

Thanks all

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