Connection speed changed

  bx2000 17:18 15 Jan 2003
  bx2000 17:18 15 Jan 2003

My modem allways used to connect at 52.000 bps, I notice now that it is connecting at 33.600 bps.
My modem is a usb external modem and I run win98 se. Have looked through the settings and cannot see any way that I can change things.

  pinka 17:22 15 Jan 2003

it normally depends on where your downloading from , how busy their server is etc.

  bx2000 17:44 15 Jan 2003

Thanks for response, I took the bps readings from the sys. tray. So it was not a download speed but a connection speed with Freeserve. Or have I got it wrong?

  Allan-263226 17:58 15 Jan 2003

Most 56K connection speeds average aroung 38bps.

Try this to test your connection speed
click here

  woodchip 18:00 15 Jan 2003

You need W2 in the modem Extra setting to get the correct speed reported in the sys tray

  bx2000 19:59 15 Jan 2003

Thanks woodchip, have done as you suggested and will see how it goes.

mad_allan I don't understand the connection in the PC Advisor page you gave and my problem, but thanks anyway.

  bx2000 20:12 15 Jan 2003

Just found that all the info that I wanted is in the "view log" just below the "extra settings", funny that I have never noticed that before.

  woodchip 20:34 15 Jan 2003

You can also speed up the dial by putting in the extra setting's S11=40 before the W2 leave a space between each and before

  DieSse 20:45 15 Jan 2003

Have you had anything done on your 'phone line? - DACS?

Have you insalled any other telecoms equipment? - FAX - Digibox - Burglar Alarm?

Have you tried re-installing the modem drivers?

Typical 56K actual connections are 40-50K. Highest possible is 53K approx. 33.6K is pretty low, and seems to indicate the modems are not agreeing to use the V90 speed facility.

The speeds that are getting shown are the actual modem connection speed, you don't really need the extra setting. This is for when the modem driver reports the modem/system speed - usually 115,000 or 57,600.

The connection speed shown is the speed negotiated at connection time - the speed does go up and down, but the indicated speed does not follow suit.

On-line tests, though useful, do not show connecrtion speeds, but rather the actual data download rates (at that time) - this can, and does vary with other things other than connection speed (net load, ISP load, general telecomms traffic, etc, etc)

If there is any way to try another ISP, or your system in another place, you might be able to narrow down whether the problem is in the system, or on the line.

  woodchip 20:49 15 Jan 2003

My connection at the moment is 48000

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