Connection speed

  metabolee 21:42 12 Feb 2007

Does any of the free software out there that states to speed up internet connection speeds etc actually work???

  brundle 21:48 12 Feb 2007

It depends on your internet connection (broadband/dialup) and your browsing/downloading habits. They usually work by compressing or caching, if you download zip files, no improvement, if you browse picture sites, no improvement, if you casually browse a wide variety of sites, some improvement.

  birdface 00:34 13 Feb 2007

Try this. click here And yes it works.

  metabolee 23:14 13 Feb 2007

i ran test >> 975 download speed and 229 upload speed i am on aol siver which should be 2kbps?? Is this telling me i have a slow internet connection??

  Probabilitydrive 23:20 13 Feb 2007

Yup, that reads very slow, compared with my Pipex 2kbps connection which is :download 1916, upload 246

taken from: click here
Might want to contact your ISP, for clarification.

  metabolee 23:30 13 Feb 2007

contacted aol they said the usual delete cookies clear cache etc ive done all that and hey presto its slow 'but do contact us again we hope to resolve the isuue'aol

  Probabilitydrive 23:56 13 Feb 2007

Sorry, dont have advice on how to resolve your current issue but if you have to go all the way there is click here and click here

There is no reason to be content with morsels.

  birdface 10:10 14 Feb 2007

Normally they will tell you that you will get up to 2 MB, but if system is busy[peak times] your connection speed will drop,Try it early morning or late at night and if your speed is still the same ,get back on to them.

  Aargh 13:14 14 Feb 2007

Check out your exchange status here

click here

Your PC generally controls the speed at which programs load & open pages, but this can be affected by activity on the server you are connecting to.

Line 'speed' is mainly affected by the physical conditions on your phone line and the state of the setup with your ISP.

As long as your modem is working, there is actually very little you can tweak to improve speed. You are in the hands of your ISP and whoever (BT?) owns the line.

  Chetan 02:40 16 Feb 2007

I checked my pc speed by click here
and it shows download speed 345 kbps and upload 99 kbps, but i am currently on 512kbps plan from my service provider. Still when i surf internet and try to download any software or anything it just support max 55 to 60 kbps download speed. so in this case what is the problem. can any one guide me.

  Aargh 10:21 16 Feb 2007

If you are on 512Kbps service, 345Kbps seems about right, as does 99Kpbs upstream.

You will never get full 512Kbps, this figure is only the MAXIMUM your service would support. Allowing for overheads in the system, you cannot expect anymore, unless you upgrade your line speed.

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