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  willo500 21:08 30 Nov 2003


When I installed broadband with a USB ADSL modem recently whenever I started IE my old dial up dialogue would come on and then it would connect me to the internet automiatically on my broadband connection. However there is also an alcatel speedtouch dialogue box which comes on when i either click the speedtouch icon or when i start mozilla my other browser and this requires me to press the dial button before I connect.

My auestion is how can I make mozilla connect whenever I start it automatically and not have to press the dial button on the alcatel dialogue box?


  willo500 21:30 30 Nov 2003

Sorry that doesn't sound too clear but i hope u know what i mean

  A_World_Maker 21:58 30 Nov 2003

Start... Settings.. Control Panel...... Internet Options..... Connections..... check 'Always dial my default connection'.

Next, in the box above, click your asdl modem, click 'Settings' dial up settings.. click 'Properties'...Advanced... then check..'Establish a dialup connections whenever a computer... etc... Click OK.. to come out and the restart your computer.

  Djohn 22:05 30 Nov 2003

A_World_Maker instructions are correct,but you may find it better to leave as it is. You only need to click on the modem Icon just the once and this will leave you connected to your Broadband until you decide to disconnect or turn off the PC.

This then leaves you free to select which browser you want to use at any given time. I have mine set this way and by doing so can have several different browsers or versions of the same one on-screen at the same time. Useful if you want to keep PCA open while you open another window for google or browse a different site. j.

  A_World_Maker 22:17 30 Nov 2003

As I only answered the question.... its willo500's choice. :-)

  keenan 22:22 30 Nov 2003

Agree with 'Djohn' as I use 'netscape' for PCA
and browse with 'IE'.

  A_World_Maker 22:25 30 Nov 2003

With the 'Always dial my default connection' active, it doesnt matter what programme or utility needs a connection, whether it be IE, mozilla, outlook etc..... any will activate the connection....

  Djohn 22:30 30 Nov 2003

A_World_Maker, yes, your answer is spot on, as I pointed out in my post above. It was just from reading willo500's question that I got the impression he was using broadband in a similar manner to dial-up. IE: switching the connection on and off throughout the day.

As you know you can connect your Broadband and leave it connected all the time, mine is on for days at a time, I just close the browser if not using, but if linked to a browser it will disconnect when closing the browser, sort of defeating the advantage of having it in the first place. j.

  A_World_Maker 22:35 30 Nov 2003

I am not disagreeing with anyone... but simply answering this question 'My question is how can I make mozilla connect whenever I start it automatically and not have to press the dial button on the alcatel dialogue box?'

You have rightly pointed out the downside of my answer. :-)

  keenan 22:40 30 Nov 2003

Was,nt disagreeing either:)

  willo500 18:56 01 Dec 2003

Well thanks for all your help guys. I did try ask how to make mozilla connect with one click so A_World_Maker's post was the answer I wanted, however I have found everyone's comments helpful here.

I have to say however that I was unable to follow the help as when I tried to go to settings properties advanced etc it all went a bit wrong. I am using windows xp does this make a difference because the items you refer to dont seem to come up.

If so then maybe I just have to accept that I will need to do one more click. I don't suppose its a huge hardship in the scheme of things. But I thank you all for your help again,


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