Connection Problems with AOL 8 and NTL Phoneline

  Mat2 13:14 04 Dec 2003

Hi Folks

I have a proble with my fathers computer when he connections to the internet which is AOL (broardband) after about 15 - 30 Mins he gets diconnected but the AOL software keeps running. When he pressed the red 'X' in the top righthand corner nothing happens then after a few minutes it constantly says 'Goodbye'. He is getting all the correct lights on the modem.

The Computer Spec: AMD Duron 800Mhz, 40&20 Gb Hdd CD-Rom & Writer, 768MB SDRam, Sound Blaster Sound card, Jetway V266B M/B, Network Card.

Any Help would be appriciated


  STEVE71163 13:25 04 Dec 2003

I had the same problem some time ago now and i tracked it down to my firewall which up until then worked fine. I have got aol broadband also.

  Mat2 13:28 04 Dec 2003

Hi STEVE71163

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me if you used Norton Internet Security for your firewall


  STEVE71163 14:54 04 Dec 2003

Hi Matt,
No i used sygate which worked fine up until that point. I have outpost now. I have heard of Norton giving problems with aol but i run Norton antivirus no probs. I would disable Norton and try it and see.

  Djohn 16:46 04 Dec 2003

Open the AOL desktop, but don't sign on. go to the toolbar and click on settings/preferences, then Fonts/Text/Graphics. From the new window that opens you will see a box to the lower half with the number 40 in it, reduce this setting to 5 save and exit, close down the desktop and re-boot the PC.

Bring up the AOL desktop, but don't log on, go through the same procedure as above, but reset the number back to 40 save and close down the desktop.

Reboot the PC and this time bring up the AOL desktop and log on, you will see the graphics rebuilt as the screen loads. This will repair the freezing of AOL's software. j.

  Mat2 19:52 04 Dec 2003

Hi Djohn

Thanks for your reply, i will give it a try and i will let you know, sorry for the late response.


  Mat2 20:53 04 Dec 2003

Hi STEVE71163

Sorry for late reply. As you mention about turning off norton , i tried that but the problem was still there.


  Mat2 09:26 05 Dec 2003

Hi Folks

Thanks your your suggestions but i'm afriad the problem is still there, the only thing i can add to this is when the Norton was turned off a registry back file appeared in the root directory.


  Djohn 10:34 05 Dec 2003

OK. Another thing to try is the " files" If on XP go to start/Search, make sure "Show all files and hidden files" is included and type in the search box.

Click on search, when found, delete them and re-boot PC. The files will be re-built when you log-on, this may help as they are back-up files and may have become corrupt. j.

  Mat2 10:39 05 Dec 2003

Hi Djohn

Thanks for your response, i will tell my father to try that.

Many thanks


  Mat2 13:15 06 Dec 2003

Hi Folks

Just to let you know that my father tried Djohn's suggestion but the problem still persists, he has had NTL check the phoneline and there is no problem with that, also he as contacted AOL and done the suggestions. He does connect to AOL alright and surf the net. All the drivers and AOL software has been re installed.

Could this be a problem with the hardware?


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