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  [DELETED] 23:37 26 Sep 2003

We have a laptop and a PC. The laptop has no connection problems but the PC has frequent disconnection problems. The PC is connected directly to the phone line whereas the laptop goes thru extensions. We have BT in the village but I don't know if we have any other phone providers. We have no chance of getting broadband in the forseeable future as we live too far from an exchange. Any advice much appreciated.

  [DELETED] 00:11 27 Sep 2003

If you are on dial up then only one PC can connect at a time unless you network them and enable ICS (internet connection sharing)

  [DELETED] 00:28 27 Sep 2003


We are only tryingt to connect one at a time. The problem seems to be with the PC connection not the laptop. Have cecked and compared the settings but nothing seems amiss. Can't understand why PC has problems when laptop doesn't?


  woodchip 00:31 27 Sep 2003

It may be the type of modem you have in the PC

  [DELETED] 00:34 27 Sep 2003

What Operating System do you have?

  [DELETED] 01:12 27 Sep 2003

Hello re above

The modem is a connexant 56k v92 on the laptop and the pc. Just been to check! Any help much appreciated.


  [DELETED] 01:13 27 Sep 2003

We are using Windows XP Home.

  [DELETED] 01:17 27 Sep 2003

I know you say you've checked both kits but have you checked to see you haven't got your desktop set to disconnect after x minutes ?

  powerless 01:37 27 Sep 2003

Open up SYSTEM INFORMATION Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information.

Double click, components, Problem Devices. Does anything show up?


Go to start, run, type:


Click ok.

Click on the SYSTEM and APPLICATION logs and look for ERROR (in red). Whilst its easy to type, see if there is an ERROR (there may be none) that times perfectly in with when you are disconnected. Double click this ERROR and scroll down in the log for a clickable lnk. Click it and see what MS have to say on the problem (if anything).


Just to check, click, start, control panel, system, hardware, device manager. Are there any exclamation marks etc showing? Also at the top click, View and click, show hidden devices.


Click, start, run, Type:


Click ok.

Click STARTUP and remove all the ticks from the boxes. Click ok and restart the machine. Now connect to the internet and see if you are disconnected. If you are not then its a program misbehaving. To find out which program place a tick back in the box (one at a time) to see what program is casuing the disconnection. If you do get disconnected with all boxes unticked, then it is not a program casuing the disconnection. click here


Which programs do you have open when you are disconnected, any common ones?


Do you use Outlook Express?


Have you updated motherboard drivers for your.......motherboard?


Have you run an updated virus scan check? Are you using a firewall, if so which one?


Spyware check? click here and click here


The modem, are the drivers up to date? (if there are any)


Is this a self made PC, if so are all components XP certified?

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