connection problem with PVR

  pollpott 15:44 18 Nov 2005

I have a Topfield PVR which has a USB port for connecting to a pc. I want to transfer some recordings to my pc and so I have downloaded the necessary software and the device manager says that the device is working properly. The problem is that I cannot work out how to access it. When it is plugged in to the usb port the computer makes the usual DeDum noise of recognition but nothing else. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  britto 16:46 18 Nov 2005

you could try here
click here

  pollpott 16:55 18 Nov 2005

Thanks for the suggestion but that is where I started and used their recomended site to download the software.

  woodchip 17:08 18 Nov 2005

In the software settings have you checked to see if the capture device shows in there? More than likely a drop down item, like for selecting a printer if you have more than one

  Stuartli 17:11 18 Nov 2005

But did you look up the FAQ and other areas where you might have found an answer?

  pj123 17:51 18 Nov 2005

Sorry, Guys but am I really this thick?

What is a PVR? I did look it up and came up with "Personal Video Recorder"

But what is it? I have a Beta recorder, a VHS recorder, a DVD recorder and a DVD Rewriter.

  woodchip 18:45 18 Nov 2005

USB device that can capture from VCR Analog Camcorder etc

  pollpott 18:49 18 Nov 2005

I have reinstalled the software and found from another source that I needed to run a particular sub prog. in order to find the device, which I have now done successfully. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
The term PVR does seem a bit odd for this type of machine as basically it is likea video recorder but uses a hard drive instead of tapes. The model I have is a Topfield whichhas a 160Gb and the best part is that you can record 2 channels at once while watching a third.

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