Connection problem (AOL)

  jessej 18:02 02 May 2003

Not me this time but a daughter, she is running ME with AOL 7.0. Around the 20th April she started having trouble getting a connection, most times the sign on procedure went up to Step 5, failed, Step 5 again with the second number and just hung there. On clicking cancel the message came up 'Waol has caused an error in KERNEL32.dll and will now close'. Since then I have spent many happy hours talking to the AOL Tech Help people and exchanging messages with others on the Help message board, nothing has worked - except one. If the AOL files are deleted and the access Nos. are entered by using Expert Add (instead of letting AOL find the Nos.) I get a one-off connection. She is able to check her email but if trying to go to a web site or I.E. the message comes up 'cannot find server'. Any ideas very much appreciated, including how to reformat ME with a Restore Disc.

  Diemmess 18:13 02 May 2003

It may be a lazy way to do it but as a user of Aol 7 and one who can't resist meddling with my computer, I occasionally upset things - bigtime!

Aol to its credit, has the best re-install of anyone...... The way I do it is on a desktop where nothing else is running pop the Aol disk in the slot and follow the prompts.

Accept the option as an existing customer wishing to upgrade on this computer.
Then you have the option to copy, duplicate or move existing files. I use - copy.

If Aol finds several installations it will give you the chance of saving the latest lot of settings and so on.

Five minutes and you are back in business... none of the Microsoft nonsense about accepting a file because it is there, .. regardless of whether it is corrupt on not.

Of course all this assumes that your modem is OK, it most probably is, modems usually either work or give up totally.

  H-J 18:18 02 May 2003

don't have a great opinion (and I admit it is a PERSONAL opinion)of aol, but the reload should be simple enough.

1-turn on computer
2-insert disc(s)
3-turn off computer
4-turn back on computer.
5-follow instructions on screen.

you need to know that this wil almost certainly wipe out your machine, so if you have any valuable data on it you need to make a seperate copy.

on a seperate note, its not a bad idea to have another account with a seperate isp, just for emergency's. that way at least you can probably get online if the main isp goes down for a while. I'm not going to advise any one isp, save to say pick one of the pay as you use types that cost nothing to sign up, nothing except local call rates to use and if you dont use it you dont pay anything. ok, you will get a higher than average number of pop ups and adverts but, hey, its for emergency only. a good place to go trolling for an isp is

click here

Good luck!


  jessej 12:17 03 May 2003

Many thanks for your replies, one of the first things I done was to uninstall AOL on her computer, I found parts of AOL 6 as well as AOL 7, then reinstalled. Didn't make a blind bit of difference. Since then I have spent 2 hours or more on the phone with AOL Tech Help, still no joy. As for the 'restore' bit, thank you H-J, I did not know it was so easy with ME, I've only done 98 and XP in the past. I have never done anything with ME, until now.

  Diemmess 17:37 04 May 2003

Sorry for Aol when it was a Windows problem all the time!

Really Aol's help is pretty much by the manual, and no use at all if Windows is "broked"!

I still think it is the easiest application to re-install. It never needs this unless as in this case Windows was misbehaving and having corrected that - caused a problem with Aol.

If you have installed a later Aol the earlier can simply be deleted (wherever you find it)without a fuss from registry which only recognises the current application.

  jessej 09:44 05 May 2003

Diemmess, thank you for that. Unfortunately this is one of the things thaat has been tried, twice, using a different CD each time just in case one was faulty. The last one used was the one I keep as a spare just in case my computer goes belly up, and I know it is a good disc. Thanks again.

  Djohn 13:56 05 May 2003

You seem to have tried most of the things I normally suggest, and seeing that even deleting the file, (global. org.) hasn't helped, I'm not sure what to suggest next.

I have at times had 5 different versions of AOL on my PC at the same time, and able to use any one of them to connect, each one working OK, except for one version of 7, (Think it was d).

If your daughter can install 7 from CD and then go to *Keyword* Beta 8, she will be able to download AOL 8, this is a much improved program both in it's visual appeal and stability of operation.

It's a long D/Load, about 3 to 4 hours, but well worth it. This will then reboot at the same time transferring all your settings over, Favourites/e-mails/address book. You can then either leave version 7 on, or safely delete it.

After the re-boot, the application will ask if you wish to keep the same numbers for dialling in, say yes, you can change them later if you wish.

I have had this last version of 8 for approx. 10 days now and it is as close to the release version as you will get. The release of AOL 8 will be in a few weeks time now, and is a great improvement. Good luck with the install, I think it will cure your problems. J.

  jessej 14:10 05 May 2003

Thank you for your reply Djohn. Its worth a try, in fact it has reached the stage were I will try anything. One suggestion, untried as yet as she is away for a couple of days, is that the problem has nothing to do with AOL at all and that a system file is at fault. I've been told to run SFC/SCAN but the ME CD is required whereas she only has a recovery disc, can it still be done with this I wonder? Anyhow, I'll give both a go when she gets home. Thanks again.

  Djohn 14:44 05 May 2003

Yes, you are correct about the *waol* message being a corrupt sys. file. One thing to try is a sys. repair from the *Restore disk*, if that does not replace the corrupt file, (it should do), then go for a complete restore, after making a copy of all files your daughter wishes to keep.

From the BIOS select your CD drive as the first bootable drive, and then exit with save option. Turn off PC. Place recovery CD into the drive and re-boot, You should at this point be given the option of repair, or restore, choose repair and see if all goes well.

If not, then repeat the procedure and choose, *Restore*, follow the instructions on screen and the sys. will be reset to as first bought.

If while doing this, the PC re-boots itself, to alter and set files, it will come up on screen with the following message. (Boot from CD, press any key to continue). Ignore this, or you will find yourself in an endless loop. After a couple of seconds the sys. will continue by itself to carry on with the loading from the hard drive.

As above, keep following the on-screen instructions, and at any time the PC re-boots, don't forget to ignore the, (Press any key). Good luck. J.

  jessej 16:23 06 May 2003

Thank you Djohn. After running a system siles check a number of files showed up as being damaged/corrupted. The easiest way out, to me, seemed to be a complete reformat. This has now been done and everything is now back as it should be, in fact the computer sems to be working better than it did before the trouble started. I will do a check after installing each of her programmes, just to make sure it was not one of them that upset the apple cart in the first place. Many thanks to you, and to all others who replied. Bye, JesseJ

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