connection problem?

  redsusan 17:48 31 Mar 2010

Hi, My friend has just bought herself and Daughter a new laptop each they are both the same make. Samsung. So they had virgin broadband put in (the lowest speed)now my friend has had no problems with hers at all but her Daughters has been trouble since day one ,she keeps losing connection,after numerous calls to virgin and following there suggestions =turning of the router etc the problem is still there. in fact she rarely gets more than 3 bars showing at the bottom corner and always has to reconnect when browsing.
I hope ive explained this properly and someone can offer a solution of how to fix this please.


  ame 19:05 31 Mar 2010

1. In same house, same room, is problem still there?
2. Same make AND model laptop? Which model?
3. Presume you are both connecting wirelessly. Avoid placing router beside other electrical appliances, to ensure no interference.
4. Try changing channel, by logging into your router settings page using your browser.(e.g. Internet explorer.)

  ronalddonald 20:56 31 Mar 2010

were not mind readers more input needed to help

  redsusan 22:07 31 Mar 2010

Sorry for not getting back quickly. just got in from work.
2.same make samsung NP-R519-JA06UK
3 both connecting wirelessly.the router is where the guy fron virgin installed it.behind the tv.
4.Please tell me how to change the channel.
Really are newbies


  ame 10:38 01 Apr 2010

Router should not be beside a tv, as far as I am aware. Nor cordless phone base stations, microwaves, etc. You can also get interference from other peoples' wirelss signals if they are on the same channel. However, if one of you has no problem with signal strength & dropping connection and the other does in exactly the same circumstances, it is perhaps unlikely that the router or its location is to blame. What make/model router is it? To change channel or alter other settings such as security, you have to login to the router settings via your web browser by typing in it's address - e.g. for Belkin it is Need to connect your laptop to it by ethernet cable first.
Do you have an instruction booklet for it? Check on underside too.

  redsusan 11:34 01 Apr 2010

Thank you. will try that .


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