Connection Problem

  Jezzy1959 12:21 12 Jan 2008

I have been asked to 'fix' a problem connecting to the internet, for a friend. Can anyone suggest the right way to go about this?

  BurrWalnut 12:59 12 Jan 2008

1. 98, XP or Vista?

2. Dial-up or broadband?

3. Cable or ADSL?

4. Modem or router?

5. Wired or wireless?

Do you see a pattern developing here?

  tullie 13:18 12 Jan 2008

What BurrWalnut is saying,is that more info is required,what is the problem plus what hes asked

  Jezzy1959 18:32 12 Jan 2008

The Connection is with a WinXP PC, Sky Broadband
NetGear ADSL wireless router, I also tried it with another PC. (The router works on my home connection.)

The system tray software icon shows an intermittent connection but I can't get to the router homepage.
The network icon shows as connecting but fails to complete.

I have tried resetting the router and restarting it.

The computers have been known to work on this connection and Sky sent out a replacement router.

Could it be a software problem or is it the telephone line and how would I find out ?

  BurrWalnut 09:49 13 Jan 2008

In Internet Options > Connections Tab make sure there are no entries at all.

Plug in the Ethernet cable and connect to the router (192.168.n.n).

If you cannot connect, have a look in Device Manager > Network Adapters. Are there any yellow exclamation or question marks.? If so, reinstall the adapter. Can you now connect to the router?

  Jezzy1959 22:03 15 Jan 2008

I have removed a dial-up connection from Internet Options > Connections Tab
There are no conflicts in Device Manager
I can connect to the router's homepage.

I have since discovered that Sky have their own Netgear firmware version.
The login is tied to the router as its mac address is the sky login authentication.
The password is also hardcoded into the router.

The WinXP PC does not have a usb Netgear wireless adaptor but uses a PCI card.

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