connection problem

  [DELETED] 14:19 27 Oct 2003

i am currently sharing a computer that accesses the internet through a broadband connection.
both myself and my husband can connect from our own user accounts but the third person can't.
When she clicks on the alcatel icon she receives a message that says user name and password invalid even though i set up an account for her
can anyone explain what the problem is.

  [DELETED] 14:25 27 Oct 2003

This is a very wierd setup. You say the connection is shared from a pc and yet you can dial up from a client machine with a different account? I didnt think that was possible because it usually uses the account on the host.
Are you talking about email accounts by any chance?

  [DELETED] 14:45 27 Oct 2003

to mad pentium

no the connection is broadband but the third person cant get it to connect from her bit of the pc if it isnt already connected

  graham√ 15:34 27 Oct 2003

A previous thread may be relevant. Ignore my efforts, after all, what do I know? click here

  [DELETED] 15:59 27 Oct 2003

ok I think I see what you are attempting here.
Lets call the pc with the modem (A) and the one that is networked to it (B).

On machine (A) you can setup several accounts, but they have to all be on that machine, even the one you want machine (B) to use.
Whichever account you want machine (B) to use, this must be the account 'shared' from machine (A). As an example...

account 1 = btopenworld
account 2 = virgin broadband
account 3 = moose broadband

Now machine (A) can use either of these and whichever account you want machine (B) to use, you share it.

If machine (A) is currently dialled up using an account other than the one machine (B) uses, it will not get online. If all machines use the same account, then hey presto, all can be on at the same time.

Why dont you all use ONE dial up account, but have seperate EMAIL addresses/passwords for that account???? This way both machines can be online at the same time, but your emails are seperate and private. On machine (A) you have a seperate identity for each email address.

  graham√ 17:03 27 Oct 2003

I try not to cut across other postings, and you have made a valiant effort, there'a no doubting that.

I believe from what I read, there is only one PC.

  [DELETED] 17:12 27 Oct 2003

oops LOL

Who is your ISP?

Who have you setup your 2 existing accounts with and who is the third one signed up with?

Just as a matter of interest, are you paying for all these accounts monthly?

  [DELETED] 17:25 27 Oct 2003

my isp is BT yahoo

and i am using xp so we have 3 users on 1 pc
2 can connect to isp 1 cant and i cant find out why

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