Connection outage.

  [DELETED] 08:59 17 Mar 2006

For the past two days I have been off line
All attempts to reconnect ended in failure
Long chats to ISP -Ditto
All sorts of error messages ,a 979 & 692 hinting at modem failure driver corruption.
In the end I took out all drivers,firewall[ZA] Av[AVG7] and started afresh - that did it - we are back.
I am pondering how it all went AWOL in the first place.
Tuesday morning deemed it was time to carry out a disk and system clean up - in preparation to starting a new project- A hefty slide movie for a show next month.
This time I used 'Advanced Windows Care' A PCA CD offering- was it too vigorous I wonder.
All the recovery points went out as well as other rubbish- During the the many attempts at restoring
A utility that i not come across or was aware of installing kept popping up Called Pinnacle Driver restorer- Telling me I have damaged drivers would I like them restored - each YES seemed to remove rather than restore until even the CD went AWOL
It was then I called it day and started putting stuff back by hand bit by bit.
So Advanced Windows Care?
Pinnacle Driver Restore ?
More harm that good?
Any opinions chaps

  [DELETED] 10:55 20 Mar 2006

All Done

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