On and off connection on one of my client pc

  bethany marie 10:05 10 Feb 2018

Hello , I hope someone here have experience this kind of problem and was able to fix it. So here's mine Please help me.

I have a newly opened computer shop. So I have 4 units and another One for the server. So at first all is well all are connected to server so we can control the time. At 1st to 3 weeks no problem, internet connections is fine to all units. So now my problem is the 2 units has no internet connection at all, But I guess there is but when I trouble shoot it the result is this '' your computer is complete configured but DNS server not responding''. This is occurring on both 2 units. The other 2 is fine.

I have done restarting /resetting the modem that contributes the wire to each unit. It will just fix or open a 1 site for about 1-2 seconds and the next click is nothing again. Sometimes its not fixing at all.
I have don unplugging and plugging the router plug same. There were times that when I just turned on the 1 unit it has connection and all are fine. but randomly it will have problem again. I have tried changing the wire also. Still the same.

I hope anyone here can help me. My computer is Windows 7 I have 3 mbps Pldt connection. then from PLDT provider to Tenda modem so I can plug -5 wires to connect it to each PC. tHANK YOU

  alanrwood 11:22 10 Feb 2018

Are all the computers set to obtain IP address automatically. If those two are not set that way and are set on a fixed IP it might conflict with the other two. Just an idea.

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