connection lead between vga connector and usb port

  Damarc 15:33 09 Feb 2013

Is there such a thing as a connection lead between a piece of equipment that had a vga connector and a tablet that only has a usb connector please?

  difarn 17:22 09 Feb 2013

You do not say what this piece of equipment is. There certainly is a usb to vga lead for attaching a separate monitor to a laptop for example - here.

  Damarc 19:54 09 Feb 2013

I want to get a surface pro but will have to connect it to an existing projector that has a15 pin connector, the same that used to be for older printers. Thanks for your response. I'm glad there is a suitable lead.

  Damarc 19:33 15 Feb 2013

CanI add a further question to this? I was looking at these leads on ebay and asked one of the sellers a question about it being suitable for plugging in a projector lead and was told that it would transfer data but not video. Is that correct because sometimes my presentations do have video clips.

  mgmcc 20:12 15 Feb 2013

"...and was told that it would transfer data but not video"

A VGA port is for the transfer of the video signal to a monitor or, in your case, a projector. However, although there is a USB/VGA cable available, you need to be sure that it will work without the installation of drivers/software which would normally be written for "Windows".

  mgmcc 20:14 15 Feb 2013

...or does the Surface Pro actually run the desktop version of Windows 8?

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