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Connection help required hifi to laptop

  Olderguy 17:35 10 Feb 2020

I have cassette tapes I want to transfer to cd's. I currently have a lenovo ideapad 305 running windows 10 and I am trying to connect a sony midi hifi to it using a 3.5mm jack from the hifi to usb into the laptop without success. I have also tried a 3.5mm jack to jack and RCA to 3.5mm jack, but believe the headphone socket on the laptop does not double as audio input. Any relevant suggestions are welcome.

  john bunyan 17:54 10 Feb 2020

Have you tried a 3.5 mm jack to hdmi adapter in to your laptop? What is the output socket on the player?

  x13 18:25 10 Feb 2020

Something like this perhaps? Haven't used one but hopefully someone will chime in with advice about it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 10 Feb 2020

Its a multifuction combo headphone socket soyou will need an adaptor to conect a microphone / 3.5 cable from the cassette plater click here click here

  Olderguy 20:12 11 Feb 2020

Thanks guys for the suggestions but as am not greatly techie I am not very far forward as I need explanations as in step a, step b, etc lol

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 11 Feb 2020

My first Click here shows you what you have on your laptop the second click here shows you an adaptor cable to split the laptop port to its two components

Just plug a 3.5 mm cable from the cassette headphone out to the headphone socket of the adaptor cable

  Olderguy 23:24 20 Feb 2020

Thank you again got it now much appreciate the help

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