Connection dropping.

  rdave13 22:46 09 Jun 2007

Lately my connection has been dropping. ISP is AOL and router is netgearDG834Gv3. It's been good and I've changed all the microfilters and batteries in the cordless.
Lately though I've noticed some "crackling" noise on the telephone and as I've had BT here a few months ago due to a tree branch rubbing on the telephone cable (and still doing it) thought it might be still a fault with the line into the house?
Line Attenuation is 39 db downstream and 11.5 db upstream.
Noise Margin is 2147483646 db downstream and 20 db upstream. Any thoughts, thanks.

  Dipso 23:25 09 Jun 2007

Noise Margin is 2147483646 db on a Netgear means the figure has gone into minus figures. This is the reason your connection has been dropping but as to the cause?

A crackling noise on the phone line could well be the reason. Have you tried doing an on-line fault test click here

Have you checked out your internal phone wiring as per click here

  rdave13 23:35 09 Jun 2007

Many thanks Dipso. Internal wiring checked by Bt not so long ago. Have reported a fault and BT are checking using your first link.

  rdave13 10:56 10 Jun 2007

Update. Had a very nice call from BT this morning to say that they checked the line and it was OK. We went through my settup and the lady suggested to remove the corded 'phone from the master socket. She thought that there was a fault in this phone and that the cordless was OK.

Result before removing corded phone: click here

Result after removing phone: click here

So it seems I'll have to invest in a new phone.
When I tried changing the filters and removing the cordless phone I never even thought about the corded one!
Thanks again Dipso for your help, much apreciated.

  Dipso 21:05 10 Jun 2007

That's a lot better. A 7616 connection speed is pretty good. I notice your downstream noise margin is still a little low at 4, ideally this should be 6 but see how the line holds up.

I had a DG834v2 and it worked well on fixed 1 and 2 Meg but when I upgraded to 8 Meg I had problems with a fluctuating noise margin, I found out later that this was a known problem with the router...I hope this isn't what you are experiencing.

I don't know how deep you want to go into this but there is a handy utility called routerstats which can graph your noise margin over a period of time. It's available from click here

  Bob_D 23:22 16 Jul 2007

Dipso, what sort of magnitude of NM variation are you talking about here? Ever since TalkTalk moved me over to ADSL2+ my DG834 seems to sync at the set NM level but rapidly drops by around 6dB within less than an hour with noise fluctuations of around 3-4 dB. If I force a re-sync it comes back up at pretty much the same speed and at the target margin but the NM falls again. I'm almost certain its an exchange/line fault but it would be useful to know what the "known" Netgear issue is!!!

Sync 5.25 to 6.25 Mbps
NM target 12 dB and always falling!!
DS attn 42db

  Dipso 06:50 17 Jul 2007

I found that each time the router refeshed the stats, which was a matter of seconds in between, the margin could alter by between 1 and 8db i.e they could be 8 then come up at 1 then back to 6 then down to 4, really wildly fluctuating. after some investigation I found many others were experiencing the same issue with this router. Although it works great with fixed 1 and 2 Meg, I no longer recommend it for use with ADSL MAx.

Noise margins can due drop in the evening due to crosstalk but I never really experienced a noticeable difference between day and evening, just the fluctuating.

What you are experiencing sounds pretty similar to mine.

On advice I invested in a Speedtouch 585 which I picked up from click here for ~£20 and the problem disappeared. The £20 was well worth it in my case.

  Bob_D 23:25 20 Jul 2007

Thanks for that. I've just got hold of a 2wire 1701 which runs G.DMT rather than ADSL2+ and its certainly much more stable than the Netgear and Safecom modems I tried. My ISP (TalkTalk) only "offers" up to an 8 Meg connection and I'm about 2 - 3 km from the exchange so G.DMT works just as well, better in fact on my rather noisy and unpredictable line!!!
Very impressed with the 2wire, when it loses connection it gets it back within seconds whereas the Netgear and Safecom boxes gave you time to go and make a cup of tea and be back to watch it trying to sync up !! It's got far more comprehensive diagnostics than the DG834v2 as well so I can watch whats going wrong.

  Dipso 23:38 20 Jul 2007

I have a 2wire business hub, the 2wires are very stable routers.

  Bob_D 11:42 21 Jul 2007

The engineer part of me wants to understand why on my relatively short line ADSL2+ doesnt seem to perform adequately so I may still invest in a Speedtouch!!!

Looking at the 585 user manual the configurations and diagnostics seem pretty basic, are there any more advanced but user friendly menus available (without using telnet)?

On the 2wire 1701 for instance 192.168.x.x/management brings up a whole host of useful stuff.

  Dipso 15:49 21 Jul 2007

No unfortunately the GUI is the only thing that lets it down, it is very "Janet and John" and anything more advanced has to be done via telnet. Not at all like the /mdc feature of the 2wire's.

One consolation though is you can use this excellent tool with it click here

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