Connection for case speaker to motherboard.

  Sapins 11:04 16 Feb 2005

Motherboard is Foxconn 865AO1 G/PE series.

There is no mention in the manual as to where the case speaker can be connected to. There are two Audio connectors, one for CD-IN, which I have used for the DVD ROM drive and AUX-IN which is not used.

Would I be right in assuming the case speaker plugs into this AUX-IN socket? If not can anyone tell me where it goes please.

I have e-mailed Novatech, where I bought it from, but, no reply as yet.

  Diemmess 11:15 16 Feb 2005

Have no personal experience of this mobo.....The Aux-In you mention will be to feed another sound source, not an output connection.

Is there not a wee multiple socket showing power switch, reboot, HD light, and that sort of thing? The case speaker is usually part of that group

  Sapins 11:26 16 Feb 2005

Another basic mistake:-(

There is such a socket but it's taken up with connections for the Power switch, Restart button, LED light for HDD activity and Green light to show computer is on.

  Diemmess 11:56 16 Feb 2005

You have a point!

Novatech tech support on their national rate number might speed things up. ..... Long past experience again..... but when I used it they had sensible answers and sought to please.

  Gongoozler 12:17 16 Feb 2005

Hi Sapins. These multi-pin headers are always tricky to decipher, but there will be two pins on it for the case speaker. Your motherboard manual should tell you which ones. They are usually, but not necessarily one pin position apart - i.e. there is a blank position between them, and you can connect the speaker cable either way round.

  Sapins 12:26 16 Feb 2005

I'll wait to see if I get a reply to my e-mail and if not I will have to phone them.

  Diemmess 12:34 16 Feb 2005

Spurred on by Gongoozler's comment.......I seem to remember once marrying an old mobo to an ancient case, I had to swop the speaker plug on the end of the lead because of the spacing differences.

  Sapins 12:43 16 Feb 2005

Hi Gongoozler,

The block of pins are clearly labelled in the manual but as I have said they are all taken up. I thought there might be another connection for the speaker!

  Gongoozler 12:45 16 Feb 2005

Have a look at this picture click here.
In the far right corner is the multi-pin header, and all the pin functions are labelled.

  Sapins 12:45 16 Feb 2005

Yes, but, I'm using a new board and case! and there doesn't seem to be any plug for the speaker, that's whats puzzling me.

  Gongoozler 12:50 16 Feb 2005

Sorry Sapins. Our postings got crossed.

If there is a pair of pins allocated to the case speaker, then these are the only ones. If there is something plugged into them, then either it is a blank connector, or it has wires on it intended for the case speaker.

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