Connecting a Wireless Pre-N Router

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Have just bought a Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router so that I can use broadband on my laptop.
My main PC is a bit old and not wireless enabled, so the intention is to leave this connected to the router.
Having read the instructions for setting up the router, I think there will be a problem.
Broadband is connected via an NTL modem. Two cables were provided to connect the modem to the PC - ethernet connection advised, but I had to use the USB cable as the PC does not have an ethernet port.
The instructions for connecting the router, say to take the modem connection out of the PC and put into the router. There is no USB port on the router, so I assume I would have to swap to the ethernet cable and use this to connect the modem to the router. But then what do I use to connect the router to the PC? An ethernet cable is provided for this purpose - but as I say, no ethernet port is available.
Can anyone suggest a way around this? What do I need to do?


  [DELETED] 21:12 19 Mar 2006

You could use one of here

Or you could open the computer and use one of these click here

Or you could WiFi the PC with a usb one of these click here

  [DELETED] 21:19 19 Mar 2006

Above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

What you could use.

The first click here, plug into your usb on the PC. Then connect the lan cable from the router to this for a hard wired connection.

The second click here. open the computer and slot this into a vacant " white " PCI slot. Boot the computer and install the drivers. Connect lan cable from router to this. Very easy to do.

The third click here. Connect this to the PC. Hard wire the laptop to the router. Input the settings into the router so it is connected to the net. Disconnect the laptop. Now connect to the internet, automatically, via the WiFi adapters.

  [DELETED] 21:22 19 Mar 2006

Well, I can't recommend a USB wifi adapter; too many problems with these devices. Sometimes they work a lot better when running driver-only without the third-party software but not always.

Option 2 is by far and away the most preferable solution. The 100Mbit maximum speed of that model is just about sufficient for the boosted speeds that your Pre-N router produces, so a Gigabit Ethernet card would not be essential.

  [DELETED] 21:27 19 Mar 2006

Running three of these click here on a network. No problems;-)

  [DELETED] 21:32 19 Mar 2006

Then you are a lucky chappy. They don't all cause problems by any stretch of the imagination, but quite a lot do. You only have to frequent the Networking section to see that.

Whenever I see one in a problematic set up that I have been asked to help with, I think "Oh, not again".

  [DELETED] 21:34 19 Mar 2006

It doesn't help that they are so small and don't have a proper aerial. Even PCMCIA cards are a better in that respect and are more reliable.

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The first one I set up was a pig. I installed the software and then connected the usb device. The result was useless.

Now I just connect the device, insert the disk, stop the installation, point windows to the disk for the drivers, finish, connect to the net.

Works every time.;-)

  [DELETED] 21:56 19 Mar 2006

Yep, that's usually the best way to do it, as per my first post. It's what I always advise in Networking and it's what I try first when faced with a troublesome example. The really annoying thing with them is the lack of consistency; some brands just won't run without their own software, and that means extra work to try to get Windows to work in harmony.

Gymy - I'd definitely go for the PCI Ethernet adapter if I were you. Very easy to install, only needs a driver (which XP often has anyway) and makes a rock solid network connection that you can rely on (all else being well!)

  [DELETED] 22:57 19 Mar 2006

From the 3 options, although you say it is easy, I wouldn't have the confidence for option 2 (opening up the PC). You have flagged up potential problems with option 3, so I am inclined to go out and get a USB to ethernet converter, which seems perhaps the most straight forward.

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