connecting wireless laptop to non-wireless printer

  ben zulu 17:57 28 Feb 2010

I have a wireless laptop which connects fine to a talktalk wireless router which has replaced my old modem. I have a non-wireless Canon Pixma 4000ip printer connected to a non-wireless desktop. The desktop is cabled into the socket on the back of the wireless router.
How do I get my wireless laptoip to print to the Canon printer without unplugging and swapping cables endlessly?

  peter99co 22:04 28 Feb 2010

You need a network.
It will print through the desktop PC which has the printer attached. You open the PC via the My network places on the laptop.

The trick is to get the Laptop to see the PC.

It is a matter of creating the network via the windows wizard on each machine.

I have managed to get three machines to link to my printer but can not tell you how I did it.

It is easy and you need to remember they must all be in the same WORKGROUP I called mine WORKGROUP.

  ben zulu 08:26 01 Mar 2010

thanks Peter.
Unfortunately my laptop has windows 7 and my desktop has windows XP Pro, and when I try to create a homegroup in w7 it tells me that the desktop also has to have w7.
still struggling...

  BurrWalnut 08:59 01 Mar 2010

Use a Workgroup, not a Homegroup!

Right-click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name and change the default Workgroup Name and Computer Name. The computer should reboot.

Go to Control Panel > Switch to Classic View > Printers & Faxes > Right-click the printer > Sharing > Put a check in ‘Share this printer’ and give it a name > Apply, OK, etc. A little hand should appear on the printer icon.

Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System > Advanced System Settings (in the left pane) > Computer Name Tab > Change, type the Computer Name and Workgroup Name > OK. The computer should restart.

Go to Network > Add a printer at the top > Add a Network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and follow the wizard. Bear in mind that the printer and the PC that it’s connected to must be switched on to be able to be accessed by other computer(s).

  ben zulu 09:06 01 Mar 2010

many thanks both.

  peter99co 12:06 01 Mar 2010

My remote XP offered to install the printer driver from the Vista PC (wired) This means the printer now has a driver on both machines.

I now only have to click Print on any machine for a response.

Originally the laptop (xp) needed for me to go to My Network Places and View Workgroup. I then had to Open and enter password for the Vista machine for it to allow the print connection.

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