Connecting Wired & Wireless Computers On Router

  pcauser 12:08 05 Jul 2008

I have an Airport Extreme Router.

I have connected my desktop computer to it via an ethernet cable.

I have also established a wireless connection with my laptop.

Bearing in mind that I am a complete novice, how do I go about getting the laptop to share files with the desktop computer please?

I have pinged the laptop from the desktop and got no reply.

Similarly, I get no reply when I ping the desktop from the laptop.

I would guess that either my router is incorrectly configured or my computers are not correctly configured.

Any information in simple terms would be greatly appreciated please. TIA.

  grey george 20:27 05 Jul 2008

Which os?
You need to enable file sharing from the control panel/network menu. Options are in different places on various os's.

  pcauser 20:36 05 Jul 2008

Sorry, grey george.

The desktop uses Windows XP Pro and the laptop uses Windows XP Media Center Edition.

  grey george 20:47 05 Jul 2008

A lot of info here click here
Firewall settings may need adjusting to allow the pc to see each other.

  dawood 15:38 06 Jul 2008

Check and disable firewall (Windows firewall, antivirus firewall, etc) on computer until you have solved the problem, then make sure both computers can ping router gateway and other computer IP. If not, take a look on how I configured wireless router click here and wireless adapter click here, see any misconfiguration. After that you can just enable simple file sharing click here or share file with user/group permission click here

Good luck...

  gaz7777gaz 16:26 07 Jul 2008

if you are going to ping an address or your decktop have you put in the correct ip address?

  Strawballs 15:24 08 Jul 2008

run the network wizard (not the wireless one) that is in control panel on both machines making sure that both machines are set to the same group ie XP home defaults to MSHOME and XP Pro defaults to WORKGROUP not sure what media centre defaults to.

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