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  Chris the Ancien 14:10 21 May 2006

I've moved to a new flat and - at l-o-n-g last - got my pc up, running and connected to the outside world. BTW, any typing errors today can be blamed on overcoming withdrawal symptoms ;o)

Coz I'm no longer on cable, I've had to change to phone line broadband and have gone to virgin broadband.

All the installation has been fine and after a matter of a couple of hours setting things up again, I'm reasonably happy with things.

But... the desktop shortcut that virgin has supplied to connect automatically opens the browser (firefox in my case). Now, that's not the end of the world, but I would really like an icon, on my desktop, that initiates just the broadband connection - and nothing else.

Any ideas, please?



  Stuartli 14:15 21 May 2006

Create a shortcut from Start>Settings>Network Connections>right click>Create Shortcut.

  Stuartli 14:15 21 May 2006

Right click on the line...

  johnnyrocker 14:16 21 May 2006

i believe that broadband is 'always on?' i switch my pc on and it is there.


  Stuartli 14:19 21 May 2006

I have to do it manually or open Firefox or Thunderbird when first switching on.

BB is treated as a dialup service by Windows.

  johnnyrocker 14:26 21 May 2006

sorry, i was under the impression all bb was the same as mine which has no dial up facility, sorry to muddy the waters.


  Dipso 14:28 21 May 2006

I declined Virgins offer to set up my broadband connection (as this usually sets your home page and search defaults too) and chose to do it myself using the modems own set up CD. This put an icon on my desktop which launched the broadband and nothing more.

johnnyrocker - A broadband connection using a USB modem for example, isn't always on, unlike connecting through a router or a cable connection. It initiates by clicking on the relevant dial up icon after the PC is booted up.

It is possible to get the connection to load on start up automatically by putting a shortcut to the connection in the Start up folder.

  Chris the Ancien 15:03 21 May 2006

So simple! (Just like me!)

Did as Stuartli suggested and that's fine.

I'm now happy. I am, however, avoiding the temptation to make an auto-start in the start up purely so that I have better control of things. I only restart the computer once in a while because it stays on for various updating things when I'm not using it.

Thanks for all the help.


  Stuartli 15:24 21 May 2006

>>It initiates by clicking on the relevant dial up icon after the PC is booted up.>>

Actually, as I stated earlier, I can connect automatically by opening Firefox or Thunderbird (I have my BB connection set as the Default and not Never Dial A Connection as suggested by Tiscali).

I do have a Desktop connection shortcut but rarely use it...:-)

  Dipso 21:09 21 May 2006

Very interesting, point was however that unless set to launch automatically at start up you do still have to click on something to launch the connection, it isn't "always-on" as johnnyrocker thought.

  Stuartli 21:58 21 May 2006

I have a USB modem and it is only "always on" after the first connection of the day has been made.

However, if for any reason the connection drops, it automatically redials in my case (just as it did with a dialup modem setup) if an OE and/or IE page is open.

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