Connecting a VCR to my computer for sound out?

  [DELETED] 12:35 03 Aug 2003

I have an Audigy 2 soundcard and Inspire 5700 speakers connected to it. These are connected via the digital out socket on the soundcard and also by the analogue cable through Line Out sockets 1 and 2 on the soundcard (the second only being used for DVD Audio, everything else uses the digital connection).

I have a TV tuner card in my computer and am trying to connect a VCR to it. The TV card has sockets for video in and sound in, so I have got a picture and sound from the video recorder in to the computer OK. The graphics card (a Creative Ti48000) has TV out, so I can get a picture out of the computer and on to tape. However, I am having problems in connecting a cable to get sound out of the computer.

I have a 3.5mm plug to 2x phono plug cable, so need somewhere to plug the 3.5mm in to the computer. The only remaining lineout socket on the soundcard is number three, but as far as I can tell, that is only for the extra channels needed in 6.1 speaker systems and so if I plug the VCR in there I will not get full stereo sound going to the video but only some channels? (Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong - I hope I am because that would be a simple solution!).

I am now looking at two options but both require me to buy additional wires and one is preferable to the other, so I don't want to buy any cables until I know it will work.

Can somebody confirm, what would happen if I got a 3.5mm splitter cable, plugged it in to the Line Out 1 socket on the soundcard and then connected both the first analogue connector for the speakers and the VCR to that? Would the speakers still work with the analogue cable and would the VCR get full stereo sound with no channels missing?

If that will not work, the only other option I have is to connect the VCR to the headphone socket in the Audigy 2 breakout drive in the front of the computer and then to only plug it in when I want to output sound. This is far from ideal as I would like to keep it connected all the time. The other problem is that if I plug in to the headphone socket, the sound will no longer come through my speakers so I will not know what sound is going on to the video tape until I play it back.

Any suggestions or help in getting this set up will be greatly appreciated!



  [DELETED] 16:24 03 Aug 2003

I think a 3.5 mm splitter from your main (front) output on the soundcard is the answer.

I only have a cheap stereo sound card, with one line-out socket.

From that I use multiple spliters to drive my speaker set (2ch+subwoofer), my cordless headphones transmitter, and I have a cable going into the lounge plugged into the back of the Hi-Fi. All are connected at the same time with no problems.

  [DELETED] 16:26 03 Aug 2003

PS, I use the splitter adaptors, moulded thingys with one plug and two sockets, readily available, and costing a few pence.

  [DELETED] 18:39 03 Aug 2003

I too think that that is probably the answer. However, I'm concerned that I may end up with no bass output, because that goes through the second output of the soundcard.

Can anyone confirm this?

  [DELETED] 22:39 03 Aug 2003

Presumably you mean the second channel goes to your sub-woofer.

The sort of Bass you have going there on that channel wouldn't be recorded on VCR tape. VCRs generally are NOT hi-fi, and probably have a bass response not much below 100Hz (I'm guessing).

Anyway, for the price of a splitter adaptor, why not just give it a try.

My 3-way split from the soundcard has been connected this way for well over a year, PC is on 24/7 (running Cancer Research project with United Devices), and hasn't given any problems at all.

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