Connecting VCR to computer

  InCog 21:15 29 Aug 2003

I have just bought a Belkin USB Videobus II to connect my VCR to my PC. I used an old switched scart with a video composite and just one red audio lead. I managed to capture video but no sound which I assumed was down to the fact that I had one red audio but no white one. A bloke at Comet assured me that a scart/3RCA cable would do the job. I pointed out that the scart had no in/out switch but he said it didn't matter. However, on using it I got neither sound or video. Must the scart have a switch?

  BarryKeith 21:25 29 Aug 2003

It may be a cheap cable that relies on being connected the right way, try reversing the lead and see if it works. If it does not, it is probably faulty and should be returned.

  InCog 21:34 29 Aug 2003

What does reversing the lead mean? By the way, the cable cost £20!

  woodchip 21:51 29 Aug 2003

The connections obviously do not marry up take it back and tell him it's the wrong one

  keenan 21:52 29 Aug 2003

you will need to use a 'switched scart to phono lead` as this stops any problems with signal cross over as the switch allows you to select in/out for you audio /video signal.

Save some money and try your local supermarket,
Asda price!

  woodchip 21:53 29 Aug 2003

Have you two scarts on the Video? make sure it's the right one you plugged into

  BarryKeith 21:54 29 Aug 2003

Reversing end for end!

  InCog 21:58 29 Aug 2003

My video has two scarts - I tried them both. The lead has a scart at one end and three phono plugs at the other, so I don't see how I can reverse them! I think the scart needs to be switched, as keenan says. Do supermarkets sell these?

  woodchip 22:18 29 Aug 2003

It should not need a switch, only if you have more than one item connected

  woodchip 22:19 29 Aug 2003

ARGOS but you will be wasting more money

  sicknote 22:19 29 Aug 2003

Hi Incog
I have many probs similiar to you with the belkin, Ended up changing it for Ezmaker USB 2.0 which is similiar. it was alot easier to install and work
Maplin Electronic are selling a scart with in/out switch. Its on special offer at the moment for £4.99

P.S silly question have you check/ticked the line in box in the record properties

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