Connecting two separate Lans with a cross over Ethernet Cable.

  PatrickCole 15:43 22 Apr 2015

Hi there, I needed some advice. I have just started an i.t. apprenticeship and my boss wants me to set up my own network consisting of two computers, connected to two different routers with a straight through Ethernet cable, and in turn, those two routers connected via a cross over Ethernet cable. The reason being as he wants me to create my own network consisting of two different sites for file transfer to replicate backup and disaster recovery. lets call them London and new york. Problem is, I configure the New York router with DHCP and keep it default with the i.p being and the gateway being with a sub-net of and I configure the London router the same but change the DHCP default settings to with a gateway of and a sub-net of I then create a static route to each other the separate LANS in the wizard with a metric of 2 as its a direct link. Everything is fine. However, I can seem to ping the router and the computer of the new York site from the London site but can only ping the router from the other side and not the computer. I don't understand what I seem to be doing wrong and would like it if someone could help me with options to look over? Sorry for my lack of tech lingo. I am new to the networking trade :-) thanks. I appreciate your time! any more info you need, I will be happy to provide!

  Ian in Northampton 12:34 23 Apr 2015

Jock1e: I'm intrigued. Why?

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