Connecting Two Routers with File Sharing

  jkk21 16:16 25 Nov 2005

I have one router (first) connected to the Internet and another router (second) connected to the first. I set it up as described on click here

So the problem I am having is that computers on the first router can see (via my network places)computers on the second router, but not vice versa. Similarly computers on the second router cannot ping the first, but in the opposite direction it works.

Despite all this I can access the Internet fine on all computers. Any idea how I can solve this problem to be able to share?


  mgmcc 19:12 25 Nov 2005

I suspect the problems are related either to firewalls or to IP addressing. Have you disabled the second router's DHCP server and connected it as a simple network switch, not a "router" connected by its WAN port, so that any connected PCs get their IP addresses by DHCP from the first router.

  jkk21 21:00 25 Nov 2005

I've disabled the second router's DHCP server and the connection b/w the two routers is from LAN port to LAN port. All computers are on the same subnet as reflected by ip addresses & subnet masks. WinXP firewalls on all computers are off.

Internet works great... but not file/printer sharing! I figure it has to be some setting on the second router that I need to tweak so it acts like a bridge/hub and repeats info to the first router about computers connected to it but then again, I could be wrong! Any other ideas?

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