Connecting to TV through wireless transmitter

  Quiet Life 22:20 05 Aug 2006

I have been trying to connect a computer through a Philips SLV 3100 wireless transmitter.
I have already been using this wireless link between two TVs where the “SAT/STB” (male) scart on the SLV3100 transmitter is plugged into the scart of the sending TV1 which receives signals from a normal aerial. This works well and the programs are received OK through the receiver attached to TV2.
(The scart plug on the transmitter has a dual scart plug - male “SAT/STB” , as used above, and a female “ TV1”

I have a computer beside the sending TV1 and wish to send from the TV out card. through the sending TV (which to me seems necessary to activate the TV card output on the computer.)
There is only one scart on the sending TV1 but I have a four scart extension box connected to it.
I have inputed the computer signals to TV1 both via the scart extension box to AV1 and also through a RCA plug to AV2.
The computer has a s-video output and I have used adapters to scart and RCA.

However I cannot get the SLV3100 to send signals when the TV1 is showing the input from the computer on either AV1, or AV2. Connecting the SAT/STB ,male scart, from the transmitter to the scart extension box does not work neither does connecting a scart lead from the "to TV1 ", female scart; to TV1 cart extension box.

As TV1 is cloning the computer monitor OK there must be some way of getting the transmitter to send but I am at a loss as to how to proceed.
Assistance would be much appreciated

  johnnyrocker 23:38 05 Aug 2006

if i read your post correctly (and it is difficult) your pc output should be to the first transmitter and not tv.


  De Marcus™ 23:39 05 Aug 2006


  johnnyrocker 23:48 05 Aug 2006

very useful


  Stuartli 10:38 06 Aug 2006

Probably done out of kindness to bump up the thread.

  Stuartli 10:42 06 Aug 2006

It might be due to your computer system not being able to supply the voltage "kick" to initiate the transmission through the Scart lead.


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  De Marcus™ 15:50 06 Aug 2006

Actually it was done so I could find the thread again today as I was off to bed.

So yes, very useful, for me, thanks.

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