connecting three computers via router

  kimtrnc 11:56 27 Sep 2009

We have 3 computers - 1 desktop, 2 wireless-enabled laptops.

My husband - who is just barely computer literate, has a 3G connection, which often goes down, and he then connects to my Netgear router.

His laptop connects very easily to the router - my laptop, which until recently worked perfectly well, will not now connect, even though it sees my network.

Either there is insufficient capacity on the router, or, when adding the other laptop to the router, I have changed or mucked up something. Since I need the laptop more than he does (honestly) can someone tell me what I am likely to have done wrong, pretty please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 27 Sep 2009

Connecting another wireless to the router shouldn't have made any difference unless the router is assigning the same IP address to both machines (unlikely)

Have you got MAC filtering on the router? make sure the Mac address for both laptops is correct.

Recheck the security settings on your laptop, pass key is correct and your laptop is connect using the correct wireless channel for your router.

  peugeot man 12:28 27 Sep 2009

I had a similar problem after using one of my laptops on a friends BT homehub.
Try this on all your computers

Go to control panel, network connections, right click on LAN, properties, scroll down to internet connection (TCP/ IP, select properties, in the general tab ensure "obtain IP address automatically" is selected.

This should eliminate any possibility of more than 1 computer using the same IP address.

  kimtrnc 13:59 27 Sep 2009

No good guys - followed all your advice - AND a lot of others!
I am beginning to think the wireless card in my laptop has died - it certainly doesn't seem to be lighting up like it used to. And I can't see me replacing it myself. Oh, me, oh my I do so LOVE computers.....

  kimtrnc 17:20 27 Sep 2009

Marg - good news about the USB wireless adapter, anyway!
My laptop used to see the network, AND connect to it without a problem. Now,it sees the network,but when I click "connect" it seems to start connecting, but never completes, and'consult the person who looks after your network' appears.That is me!I am not given the opportunity to put in a password.
All this hassle began when my husband wanted to connect to the router, instead of the 3G.
Should I maybe delete all the Network connections (except maybe my internet itself) and start again?
There is a 1394 connection a Local Area Network, and a Local Area Network 4. Just to add to the fun, I also have a VPN connection, which doesn't kick in until everything else is up and running

  woodchip 19:13 27 Sep 2009

Check your Laptop as the correct encryption key in it, this is important. You could as you say delete your your connection and create a new one

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