Connecting system speaker

  Installer. 18:20 23 Mar 2003

My Soyo motherboard has no built in speaker, but there is a speaker connection down by the power led connections. My question is can I connect an ordinary small 4 ohm speaker to these pins?

  -pops- 18:25 23 Mar 2003

The system speaker is part of the case, not the motherboard.

Normally there is a two wire connection from the case to the board at about the area you describe.

I would suggest you didn't use a speaker not designed for the job.


  Installer. 18:29 23 Mar 2003

My previous motherboards have had small piezo transducers on board, which have been usefull when having boot-up problems. all I really need to know is what impedance device is needed.

  -pops- 18:33 23 Mar 2003

Have you looked on the case?

Piezo tranducers (including the ones installed on computer cases) are usually high impedence thus a 4 ohm speaker would not be suitable.


  woodchip 18:39 23 Mar 2003

As -pops- says there should be a led connected to a hidden speaker behind the plastic front of the computer. But it’s only for computer beep codes not for listening to CD’s

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