Connecting speakers to my pc

  nazarene 22:47 11 May 2009

Hi, I have a dell pc approx 6 years old. It is a pentium 2 (I'm told) and it runs windows xp. I have a Dell 1707 FPT monitor coming soon. My question is can I connect my current Dell speakers with a PS1 or PS2 connection to the monitor. I know the monitor has usb ports, but not sure about the other type. Or can I get a cable that will plug into the speaker and have a usb connector on the other end? Do I just need to buy usb speakers? Sorry, but I don't know much about this stuff. I appreciate any help you may offer.

  Terminus90 00:12 12 May 2009

Hi, speakers have a standard connectors, and you should have no problem connecting them to your new mopnitor.

  Kevscar1 10:28 12 May 2009

Why can't you leave them plugged into the computer.

  chub_tor 12:46 12 May 2009

The Dell 1707 monitor does not have in built speakers so why would you want to take audio connections up to it? As Kevscar says speakers are normally plugged into the computer box not into a monitor.

  nazarene 21:50 12 May 2009

Hey guys, thanks for the input. The reason I was hoping they would connect to my monitor is because my pc box is located further away from my desk than normal due to room space and floor space etc. This means my speakers only reach to the back of the desk and I want them closer. Maybe there is an extension lead I can get for the speakers???? Thanks guys.

  DieSse 00:43 13 May 2009

"Maybe there is an extension lead I can get for the speakers?"

Yes there is - most TV and/or computer shops will have them.

  Kevscar1 02:03 13 May 2009

Couple of these should do you.

click here

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