Connecting Sony TV to my Home Network

  Harper Boy 15:26 13 Jan 2010

Probably a dumb question, but I hope there's a smart answer somewhere.
I have a home wireless network (BT Home Hub ASDL) which is OK, on the whole. I have recently bought a Sony TV which (to my surprise!) has an ethernet connection. It is in a different room and on a different floor from the BT router, but I don't want to run miles of cable. Is there a device I can put close to the TV with an ethernet connection, which will give wireless access to my router/network? Main tasks would be to access media files on the PC, or watch video streamed from the internet.

  Harper Boy 16:28 13 Jan 2010

Thanks, beta. That certainly points me in the right direction. Is there any preference between Game Adapter & Ethernet Bridge?

  SimpleSimon1 12:57 14 Jan 2010

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but Sony Bravia TVs have got really bad implementation of networking media files. The only media files they will play are mp3 and mpeg2 so you can forgot avi, mkv. mp4 and all the other really good video codecs. Moreover, accessing network shares is real hit and miss due to their implementing a non-standard (or just a very limited subset) DLNA spec.

There are a lot of posts over at AVFORUMS as IT-literate Sony TV users try to work out how to make Sony TVs reliably access media files with sensible IT/home network configs but it's fair to say that blood pressures are rising and there are a lot of unhappy bunny's at the moment :-)

click here for the main thread on the subject but it's pretty technical in places. Me, I just ignore the Ethernet port on my Sony!

  Harper Boy 13:19 14 Jan 2010

Er - thanks, I think! I'm very pleased with the Sony as a TV, and it sounds from your advice that I'd do well just to stay with that. I already have hair-tearing periods with the attached Humax PVR - great spec, loved by 'Which', brilliant when it works, but as reliable as an MP expenses claim. Last thing I need is to destroy the few shreds of peace of mind that I do have left.

  OLDJACK 12:48 14 Feb 2010

laptop XP sp3 ,wireless connection to Belkin router.
Thanks to Joe7600 advice I downloaded from his link the latest PS3MS and "kerpow" Sony recognised it.
Sony recognised my files and it works I'll probably have to learn how to tweak it but it's a positive step.

  SimpleSimon1 13:10 14 Feb 2010


That sounds interesting - do you have a PS3 in the mix or have you simply got PS3MS running on the networked laptop and the Sony TV magically uses it to access media files on the laptop?

If the latter, how is the TV hooked into the network?

Is there a link to Joe7600 message where he described this or was it a PM?


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