Connecting Sky To My PC

  ThisNameIsMine 20:33 15 Aug 2003

I want to watch sky on my PC. Does anyone know what I need and how I do it? I have one of the early grundig boxes.

  jakedawe 20:39 15 Aug 2003

Don't reaaly know why you'd want to do this, but if it is possible you'll have to watch the same channel that is on your TV, You will not be able to watch a different channel unless you invest in another box and subscription.

  ThisNameIsMine 20:42 15 Aug 2003

I dont mind that, Its just I dont have Sky or a TV upstairs so i thought If i got it through the PC its 2 birds with one stone.

  dfghjkl 20:46 15 Aug 2003

i dont know about connecting your box to pc but you can get a pci card for freeview 15 or so channels a remote control in digital plus record on your hard drive and apparantly pause live tv for about £100,i dont think there is a £10 a month for the facility like sky does,i belive i have read of a similar pci card that has a viewing card slot for sky,i think i read it this month in one of the pc mags maybe on this site somewhere you might find a review,i tend to have a scan through the mags in tesco while the missis does the shopping,anyway they are out there so have a look on the big suppliers sites

  DieSse 20:56 15 Aug 2003

You have two choices.

A double output LNB fitted to the dish, with a cable fed to either another digibox, or an internal staellite tuner. Then you can watch different channels.

To watch the same channels - you will need a cable up to you TV, or a video sender unit - then a suitable input on your system.

If you link the systems with a co-ax "aerial" tyoe cable, you will need a TV tuner card i your system, with this type of input.

If you use a video sender approach, you will need a graphics card, or TV tuner card with compostie video inputs - you will already have a sound input on you system.

  DieSse 20:57 15 Aug 2003

Sorry about all the typos - old age y'know ;-))

  john-232317 21:02 15 Aug 2003

You will need a tv card in your computer, and a coax cable from the sky box to your tv card, software will be with tv card.I used to do it with an ATI card, but you only get the channel thats on sky box like jakedawe said..

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