Connecting second laptop to network printer

  Trenny 14:43 01 Mar 2013

I have a canon mg5250 printer connected by wifi to my laptop. How do I connect my husband's laptop to this, please? Do I have to install the printer hardware in his laptop first? I have the printer in my printers folder and have gone into the aharing tab. Can I install it from this by just giving it a name and ticking the box - or is that too simple? I don't want to have too cal in an engineer if i muck it up!

  Terry Brown 14:56 01 Mar 2013

As it is connected by WiFi, it should be as simple as installing the software on your husbands computer and the sending it via the network to his computer.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 01 Mar 2013

Yes you will need to set the printer up on his laptop.

See setting up the Driver ans software here

  Trenny 17:31 01 Mar 2013

Many thanks, Terry. I have installed the software from the setup disk, but have come unstuck as 'it' cannot detect the printer. There are several options, including settings, which are beyond me - I have been ill and am not feeling too bright, which doesn't help. Yes, the printer is turned on. Can I do it by the network and sharing centre, I wonder, from his Windows 7 laptop? Mine is a Vista. Going to this,In the network map I have: Philip-Tosh.....? Sheila-laptop-TalkTalk - internet

icon of mg5200 with rays coming out of it -

"The following devices could not be placed on this map [icon of computer screen] when i click on this I get "canon-memory-share". Any ideas? I feel I am almost there. Sheila

  Terry Brown 20:50 01 Mar 2013

Have you created the network link for both computers.

On XP it is necessary to open Control Panel (from Desktop)and go to Netwoirk setup wizard, follow the instructions to create a network on your system, create the network disk (copy to USB stick) and plug it into your husbands computer and run the program therefore creating a link.

I believe window 7 and previous version (Vista & XP) have different protocols. Please find link which explains how to connect.


Vista and windows 7 connect

  Trenny 21:13 06 Mar 2013

It has worked! I closed the laptop down with the install disk still in. The next day I took the disc out., then replaceit and went through the "search" routine again and this time it found the connection. Problem solved! Many thanks.

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