Connecting a second computer to ADSL

  Phil930 18:56 23 Sep 2003

We currently have one computer downstairs hooked up to ADSL. The connection is direct from the wall to the ethernet card in the computer. We have a connection speed of 10.0Mbps on fibre optic cable.

What we want to do is add a second computer to this ADSL line. The second computer will be upstairs where there is no ADSL wiring.

The requirements i would like are for both computers to be independent from one another. this means that one doesn't have to be on for the other one to connect to the internet (like a server). I would like both to access ADSL whenever they want to irrespective of whether the other computer is turned on or not.

Furthermore, the physical location means too much wire. it can be done, but i was wondering about wireless connections. will ilose much speed doing wireless and can i keep the computers indepedent.

Many Thanks

  mikef. 19:04 23 Sep 2003

BT has a package click here

  mikef. 19:06 23 Sep 2003

sorry try this click here and wait for redirect.

  LastChip 19:06 23 Sep 2003

You need a wireless router.

For an explanation click here

Ignore the "wired" part!

  Phil930 20:09 23 Sep 2003

one problem, i am in america,i moved here but still go to this website for help...

BT can't really help, bellsouth didn't know much either!! anyone got any ideas??

  mikef. 20:42 23 Sep 2003

Check on your computer sales websites or local stores Belkin do a wireless connection here I'm not sure if they are available in the US but there must be others if not.

  mikef. 20:45 23 Sep 2003

Just looked properly at the site click here for US site. Home page has what you need I think then there are links where to buy.

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